Welcome to Meridian's Locker Configurator where you can design your own locker ensuring the look and functions for your specific needs. See your designs below.

Step 1: Choose Application Type and Color

Smart Locker Type
Indoor    Outdoor
Locker color

* Standard colors: Black or White, any other color cost extra. However custom full color graphics are also available.

Step 2: Choose Column Configuration

Select the door sizes and column number for your locker. Each space represents a column of the locker and each letter represents the door size. * Must have at least one Admin "A" column per configuration.

If you are interested in more than 8 columns please indicate in the additional notes section below or contact Meridian directly

Step 3: Choose Additional Components

RFID Scanner
Payment Device
Barcode Scanner
Receipt Printer
Email/Text Notifications
Book Drop
Kick Plate
Industrial Hood
ADA Navigation Pad
Locker Camera
Numeric Keypad
Locker Availability Light
Cellular Router
*Configuration is an approximate tool for visualization. Actual locker may vary in completed design.

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