Recruit & Retain Talent With HR Kiosks

Technology has played a significant role in the workplace, in some way, shape, or form, since the beginning of time. From the very first assembly line to the most modern forms of artificial intelligence (AI), technology of all kinds has made employees’ lives easier across the board.  


While the role and impact of technology in the workplace has certainly varied over time as the workplace environment has evolved, the benefits have been extensive—to both employers and employees, alike. Think about it. Today’s employees and their employers have the ability to utilize tools and perks that those from 20 or 30 years ago would have never even dreamed of—desktops, laptops, smart phones, the ability to work remotely, video conferencing, chat tools, and screen sharing, just to name a few.


Designed with the common goal in mind of simplifying and improving daily processes and responsibilities, digital kiosks are establishing themselves as the next valuable piece of workplace technology—especially when it comes to Human Resources-related processes like hiring, scheduling, and information sharing.



While it’s certainly true that one of an employer’s largest assets is their employees, the job application and recruiting process can be extensive, costly, and time consuming, especially for a larger company. Designed to increase efficiency throughout the process, employment application kiosks can be used as a screening tool to help with the initial steps by providing a platform on which applicants can submit their work experience and background information. They can also be used as a recruiting tool by providing easy access to additional information about the company, open positions, and other promotional materials that might be of interest or assistance to potential applicants.



Although HR kiosks are certainly an effective tool for attracting and informing potential employees about a company during the recruiting and application process, they are even more valuable tools once an employee has been onboarded onto the team. From scheduling to time off requests, information about holidays, shift assignments, and more, HR kiosks can be designed to integrate with back-end systems and web portals that allow employees to carry out a variety of administrative tasks, right from the kiosk.


Employee Benefits

Nearly as important as scheduling, HR kiosks can also be used to provide employees access to and more information on the benefits they are eligible to receive. While some employees either work at a computer with internet access or have internet access at home, others do not. With the ability to connect to the internet or run an application, HR kiosks can help bridge the information gap for employees in a format that is both easily accessible and user-friendly.  


Interactive Digital Signage

In addition to serving as a platform on which employees can access information that is specifically relevant to themselves, HR kiosks can also be used as an interactive digital signage platform—displaying information relevant to the whole company. From promoting corporate outings and company-wide events to sharing reminders about closings and holidays, reminding employees about upcoming inspections, or welcoming large groups to campus, HR kiosks are an effective information-sharing platform for companies both large and small.


While it’s apparent that technology of all kinds will continue to play a significant role in workplaces across the country and the world in years to come, HR kiosks have and continue to establish themselves as an integral part of the lineup. From hiring and recruiting to scheduling, and information sharing, HR kiosks are transforming and simplifying many of the processes that keep employees informed and operations running smoothly on a daily basis.


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June 19, 2019