Return to School Safely with Temperature Screening Kiosks

As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the United States, and the world, throughout the spring of 2020, the majority of schools across the country found themselves closing their doors and concluding the 2019–2020 school year earlier than they had originally planned.  As such, many school administrators spent their summers brainstorming strategies and putting plans in place to safely and effectively reopen, even if only at a fraction of their capacity, for the fall semester. 


Naturally, school reopening rates across the country continue to vary based on a number of different factors, however, those that have opted to reopen have implemented a variety of precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of their students, teachers, support staff, and administrators moving forward. One of the most common precautionary measures that, for the most part, has been implemented across the board is temperature screening. 


While there are a number of temperature screening solutions available on the market today, from traditional at-home tests to contactless hand-held devices, temperature screening kiosks offer an abundance of benefits, and have been implemented by schools of all types and sizes across the country. 


Unattended Solution

Designed for completely unattended use by students, teachers, administrators, and visitors, alike, temperature screening kiosks offer a seamless and completely touch-free temperature screening experience. The contactless experience helps to reduce the risk of exposure to potential illness—especially for teachers or administrators who may have otherwise been tasked with manning a handheld device.


Quick & Accurate

While speed is certainly important, especially when screening students arriving at school, accuracy takes the cake when it comes to temperature screening. Kiosks offer both. Designed to read and log a user’s temperature in approximately 2 seconds, temperature screening kiosks boast ≤ ± 0.9°F accuracy. 



While temperature screening kiosks are durable and secure enough to handle a high volume of everyday users, they are lightweight and easy to move from place to place. Although some schools may choose to leave their temperature screening kiosks in the same place day in and day out, others may choose to move them to different entry points throughout the facility for special occasions or indoor sporting events. Freestanding pedestal models can also be attached to casters for even simpler mobility. 


Multiple Configurations

Designed with users of all kinds in mind, temperature screening kiosks are in a variety of different configurations. From freestanding pedestal kiosks to child height pedestals, countertop, and wall mounts, temperature screening kiosks are easily able to accommodate students, teachers, administrators, and visitors of all heights and abilities.


While each respective school district has their own unique policies and procedures, temperature screening kiosks are assisting in making the return to school process a seamless one. To learn more about Meridian’s temperature screening kiosk, visit

September 30, 2020