When Seeking Out Temperature Screening Solutions, Turn to the Self-Service Experts

If someone told you this time last year that you would be required to take your temperature prior to reporting for work every day would you have believed them? Probably not—and rightfully so. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the country, and the world as a whole, daily temperature checks have become part of a normal routine for many. In fact, at this point, most Americans would probably agree that they’ve taken their temperature more over the past year than they have in their entire lifetime. 


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and organizations have established the aforementioned temperature check protocols as a preventative measure to help protect the health and safety of individuals in schools, the workplace, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and beyond. Thus, the influx of self-service temperature screening devices—namely temperature screening kiosks. 


Despite the fact that there is certainly no shortage of temperature screening kiosks and devices on the market today, only a select few are being produced and offered by true self-service industry players. When researching and evaluating different options, it’s crucial that those looking to invest in and implement temperature screening technology make sure to turn to the self-service experts. With more than 20 years of experience in the self-service vertical, Meridian is just that. 


Self-Service Expertise

A self-service industry pioneer, Meridian is more than just a kiosk manufacturer, we’re an end-to-end self-service solution provider and technology integrator. As an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and UL self-certify facility, we pride ourselves on our use of quality materials and proven processes to develop each of our solutions. Whether you’re looking to integrate one standalone temperature sensing kiosk or thousands, Meridian has the in-house software and hardware expertise to easily guide you, and your team, through the process from beginning to end. 


In-Depth Testing

One of the most important and defining aspects of Meridian’s product development process is our dedication to in-depth testing and quality assurance.  Prior to releasing any of our new hardware or software products, Meridian conducts extensive testing with both our internal team and external partners and clients. Additional testing continues as we make developments and improvements to our solutions over time. Meridian’s hardware prototyping and testing lab is located at our 13 acre manufacturing facility in Aberdeen, North Carolina, while the majority of our software testing is carried out at our Mississauga, Ontario location.


Remote Kiosk Management Software

With all aspects of the development process, from software creation to hardware manufacturing, completed in-house, Meridian offers our customers complete, all-inclusive solutions. For those looking to utilize our temperature screening kiosks beyond simply checking temperatures and recognizing users, Meridian offers a proprietary remote management software, MzeroManage. Accessible from any computer connected to the internet, MzeroManage offers a variety of enhanced features and visibility to complement the board level temperature screening kiosk software, some of which include the ability to retrieve reports, send alerts, and view scans and updates in real-time with a rolling security view. 


Unparallelled Service & Support

While we pride ourselves on our self-service expertise, we certainly don’t expect our customers to understand the ins and outs of our solutions right off the bat. Our team of customer service technicians and technical experts are available 5 days per week during regular business hours to answer any and all questions customers may have. In addition to engaging with customers through phone calls and emails, our customer support team also hosts weekly customer-focused webinars to provide hardware and software overviews, tutorials, and updates in real-time. Looking for extra support? Meridian offers that too. In fact, we’ve designed four different upgraded temperature screening kiosk-specific service and support packages to cater to the unique needs of each of our customers. Whether you’re looking for extended support hours, expedited shipping on replacements, or a one-on-one training session, Meridian’s service and support team is ready and able to help. 


Short Lead Times

In a time where promptness and forward thinking are of the utmost importance, Meridian’s temperature screening kiosks are ready whenever you are. Each of our various temperature screening kiosk models, including wall mount, countertop, and pedestal configurations are in-stock and ready to ship. 


While there’s no denying the importance and value of temperature screening devices and kiosks, especially now and throughout the course of the pandemic, it’s crucial that businesses and organizations looking to implement the solutions conduct their due diligence prior to selecting a vendor and making the investment.  


Meridian was among the first to offer self-service solutions and kiosks more than 20 years ago, and we still remain at the forefront of the industry today. Developing, integrating, supporting, and providing innovative self-service solutions to our customers across the globe is what we do best. To learn more about Meridian’s temperature screening kiosk, visit www.meridiankiosks.com/solutions/temperature-screening-kiosk/.

October 28, 2020