Three Benefits of Temperature Screening Kiosks

Since it first began to spread throughout the United States in March, the coronavirus pandemic has completely upended many of the processes and practices that schools, businesses, and organizations have practiced for years—many since their inception. While some have resorted to remote work and virtual learning for the foreseeable future, others—especially those deemed as essential—have implemented precautionary measures to ensure safety throughout their facilities. One of the precautionary measures most widely implemented throughout the course of the pandemic has been temperature screening kiosks


Created to help protect the health and safety of employees, as well as customers and other visitors, temperature screening kiosks offer a sanitary and secure temperature verification solution that is both simple to use and available in a variety of formats—the benefits to business and organizations of all kinds are easy to see.  


Sanitary & Secure

Designed to prevent anyone with an elevated temperature from entering a facility, temperature screening kiosks can trigger alarms to sound when someone above the indicated temperature threshold completes a temperature scan. They can also utilize remote management software to send alerts to notify the appropriate internal parties of any elevated scans. In addition to the temperature screening aspect, some temperature screening kiosks also offer mask detection capabilities. If enabled, users are required to put on a cloth mask or face covering prior to being permitted to enter. 


Simple to Use

While the thought of implementing a new process is often daunting for any organization, regardless of their size, throwing technology into the mix can sometimes bring with it the negative connotation of being confusing or cumbersome. When it comes to temperature screening kiosks, that simply isn’t the case. Designed to integrate seamlessly within a business’ daily practices, temperature scanning kiosks offer a “plug and play” solution with minimal setup required. The solutions are also easy to use. In fact, it only takes around 2 seconds for a user’s temperature to register within the system. 


Flexible in Design

Not only are temperature scanning kiosks simple to use and secure, they’re also flexible in design and available in a variety of models. From standard to child-height pedestals, to wall mounts and countertop units, temperature screening kiosks are able to suit the unique needs of businesses and organizations across industries. Optional add-ons, such as casters for easy portability of pedestal units, can also be included. 


When exploring ways to move forward and navigate the uncertain days ahead, temperature screening kiosks offer a secure, straightforward, and flexible solution that can be utilized by employees, students, patrons, and visitors to businesses and organizations of all kinds. 


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September 17, 2020