Virtual Service Advisor



Supercharge your customer experience with Meridian’s Virtual Service Advisor (VSA). Our centralized hub of information allows for contactless check-in, automatic notifications, and real-time access to the most up-to-date factory and industry information. Meridian’s innovative technology ties into most dealership networks allowing for more personalized advertising directly to your customers.

Uses of Virtual Service
Advisor Kiosks

Meridian has always focused on providing the highest quality solutions designed specifically for the unique needs and requirements of the automotive industry. That is why the Virtual Service Advisor kiosk was created.


Ensuring great customer service through self-help check-in solutions, Meridian’s Automotive Solutions are designed to speed up those time-consuming processes that often leave customers frustrated and irritable. The VSA Kiosk is an innovative solution created to improve customer service and increase ROI for any dealership.


Key features include the remote system monitoring available which allows users to access the system remotely for system monitoring. With the ability to monitor systems remotely Meridian’s Automotive Solutions takes the hassle out of scheduling.  With remote system monitoring you can easily track all dealership transactions by allowing a detailed look at the internal system that ties directly into most dealership networks.


Another great feature is the ability to take unattended payments. This labor-saving solution allows customers to make their own payments without having to be assisted by an employee. Unattended payments save time and resources as it allows more customers to be helped without having to increase staff or increase operating hours.


Additionally, automatic notifications are a life-savor for any busy dealership or service center. With the ability to increase customer service with automatic text notifications sent directly to customers when their vehicle is ready for pick up, no more annoying games of telephone tag.  Meridian’s VSA is the automotive solution you need.


The Virtual Service Advisor Kiosk creates opportunities for easy interactions between customers and dealerships or service centers.  Now even in the busiest shops all customers can be attended quickly ensuring a higher level of customer service.

Benefits of Virtual Service
Advisor Kiosks

One of the major benefits of VSA Kiosks is the ability to allow customers the ability to complete common tasks on their own, without the assistance of a dedicated employee. Additionally, Meridian’s Automotive Solutions increase work flow and autonomy in the automotive industry.

Why Meridian Kiosks

Research shows that today’s customers are accustomed to self-service technology. Our Automotive Solutions, like the Virtual Service Advisor Kiosk, brings the desired self-service technology to the automotive industry. Meridian’s solutions are designed to create a more efficient check-in process, increase ROI, and ensure customer satisfaction.


Meridian’s Automotive solutions are revolutionizing the automotive industry by offering dealerships and service centers a way to operate on their customer’s schedule rather than being chained to normal operating hours.


Meridian’s Virtual Service Advisor Kiosk is the ideal solution for any dealership or service center looking to take their service to the next level in the modern age.