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From Concept to Completion

Meridian’s bespoke and customized solutions are hand-crafted and made specifically to the unique parameters of each project and client. With complete control over our entire production process, our highly skilled team offers a level of individual attention and customization simply unmatched anywhere else.

Start with a detailed analysis and workshop with brand and strategy advisors at Cohesive Whole. This strategy workshop focuses on understanding the unique parameters of the project and the ideal aspects that will be incorporated into the final design of the solution. Ensuring a bespoke solution specifically designed and built specifically for the client. 

Cohesive Whole

We Are Your Design Foundation Experts

Our methodology takes you through a series of workshops where we define what you should expect from your agency – concerning communication strategies, design specifications, and the brands visual expressions and attributes.

The Power of an Empathy-driven Process

Our empathy-driven approach is where we dig deep into consumer behavior and interaction with design. Understanding their needs, desires, and pain points helps you create design specifications that resonate with the customer on a functional level. This is what transforms satisfied customers into enthusiastic brand advocates.

Anticipate Trends and Stay Ahead

By analyzing consumer data and identifying patterns, we gain invaluable insights into emerging trends specifically for your industry. Armed with this foresight, we can define all functionality requirements for your design work and positioning the work as not just visually appealing but culturally relevant.