Smart Locker

Meridian’s smart lockers provide secure, fully integrated systems to simplify product pickup for unattended rentals, device charging, package drop off and retrieval, and much more. Designed with the end-user in mind, electronic locker systems enhance, complement, and expand upon the processes and service that they use and rely on across a variety of industries.


Buy Online Pick Up In Store

Restaurants and retailers alike can utilize smart lockers for convenient order pickup. Customers can place their orders online or in-app and pick it up directly from the locker by using a QR code or pin number when their order is ready.

Secure Storage

Smart lockers can be used to provide secure, kiosk-managed storage for products and/or belongings. For example, travelers on long layovers can pay to store their carry-on baggage securely in the locker until it’s time to board their flight.

Equipment Rental

Companies in industries of all kinds can utilize smart lockers to store equipment for convenient rental and return. Customers can pay for and schedule their rental online, in-app, or at the kiosk-managed locker system.

Package Drop Off / Pick Up

Delivery services can use smart lockers to securely store packages. Customers are then able to pick up their packages at their own convenience by either scanning a QR code or entering their assigned pin number.

Locker Dimensions
  • Durable, Steel Enclosure
  • Easy Open Lockers
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Tamper Resistant Locks
  • 15-Inch Touchscreen Display
  • Available in Indoor and Outdoor Models
  • Optional Barcode Scanner
  • Optional ADA Compliant Pin Pad
  • Optional ADA Compliant Headphone Jack
  • Optional Payment Capabilities
Smart Locker
3 Column Locker
Door Sizes
Small Locker Doors

Small Doors

Compartment Dimensions:

16″ W x 3.25″ H x 22″ D.


Door Dimensions:

18.76″W x 4.25″H.


The locker will always include a medium door at the bottom. Small doors occupy one vertical slot.

Locker Medium Doors

Medium Doors

Compartment Dimensions:

16″W x 7.75″H x 22″D


Door Dimensions:

18.76″W x 8.75″H


One medium door is equivalent to two small doors. Medium doors occupy two vertical slots.

Large Locker Doors

Large Doors

Compartment Dimensions: 

16″W x 16.85″H x 22″D


Door Dimensions:

18.76″W x 17.75″H


One large door is equivalent to two medium doors. Large doors occupy four vertical slots.

Extra Large Locker Doors

Extra Large Doors

Compartment Dimensions:

16″W x 34.75″H x 22″D


Door Dimensions:

18.76″W x 35.75″H


1 extra large door is equivalent to 2 large doors. Extra large doors occupy 8 vertical slots.

Locker Small Doors
Locker Software

When deploying your smart locker solution, customers are able to create their own application from Meridian’s Software Development Kit (SDK), MzeroCreate. MzeroCreate provides the programing interface integration that allows for full customization of the locker solution platform. It also has the capability to integrate with the locker hardware itself. The Mzero Locker SDK utilizes three simple commands as the basis of the application: ‘Status’, ‘Store’, and ‘Retrieve’.

Mzero Manage - Full Color Background-01

MzeroManage is Meridian’s proprietary remote monitoring software, designed to enable locker administrators to monitor and manage multiple locker deployments from remote locations. MzeroManage aggregates all the inventory of the smart locker system into a single database in real time, giving administrators the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly, even when they’re offsite.

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