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Meridian Smart Locker

Automated Smart Locker System

Meridian’s mBOX automated smart lockers provide secure, fully integrated systems to simplify product pickup for unattended rentals, device charging, package drop off and retrieval, and much more. Designed with the end-user in mind, electronic locker systems enhance, complement, and expand upon the processes and service that they use and rely on across a variety of industries.

Increase Order Capacity

Increases order frequency by streamlining the order and pickup processes.

Decrease Congestion

Package and locker systems decrease congestion and eliminate long lines.

Increase Customer Base

Increase customer satisfaction with an efficient solution for storage and/or pickup.

Reduce Overhead

Reduce overhead costs by increasing order output without increasing costs.


The “small” locker compartments measure approximately 17.5″ W x 4.25″ H x 24″ D.


The locker will always include a medium (or larger, if specified) door at the top of the chassis to ensure accessible reach. Small doors occupy one vertical slot.

Small Lockers

The “medium” locker compartments measure approximately 17.5″ W x 9″ H x 24″ D.


Medium doors occupy two vertical slots.

Medium Lockers

The “large” locker compartments measure approximately 17.5″ W x 18″ H x 24″ D.


Large doors occupy four vertical slots.

Large Lockers

The “extra large” locker compartments measure approximately 17.5″ W x 54.5″ H x

24″ D.


Extra large occupy twelve vertical slots.

Extra Large Lockers


Food Order Pick Up

Restaurants and retailers, alike, can utilize automated smart lockers for convenient order pickup. Customers can place their orders online or in-app and pick it up directly from the locker by using a QR code or pin number when their order is ready.

Secure Storage

Automated smart lockers can be used to provide secure, kiosk-managed storage for products and/or belongings. For example, travelers on long layovers can pay to store their carry-on baggage securely in the locker until it’s time to board their flight.

Equipment Rental

Companies and organizations of all kinds can utilize automated smart lockers to store equipment for convenient rental and return. Customers can pay for and schedule their rental online, in-app, or at the kiosk-managed locker system.

Package Drop Off-Pick Up

Delivery services can use automated smart lockers to securely store packages. Customers are then able to pick up their packages at their own convenience by either scanning a QR code or entering their assigned pin number.

mBOX Plus is a computer-operated locker system with full remote administrative functionality.


Designed to integrate with back office systems and hundreds of different components, including input devices, proximity sensors, scanners, payment terminals, printers, and more, mBOX Plus provides a complete package pick-up and drop-off solution.


Flexible in nature from both a hardware and software perspective, operators can utilize Meridian’s Locker Software Development Kit (SDK) to create and customize their own software application. The Software Development Kit can also integrate with Meridian’s MzeroManage remote management software to allow operators to monitor and manage multiple kiosks in remote locations.

mBOX Lite is a local board-operated locker system, providing a simple and seamless user experience.


Utilizing the board and scanner for programming and interactions, the operator assigns a locker by scanning a barcode or entering an order number, and either places the order inside the locker, schedules a drop-off, or assigns the number to that individual for long term use of the locker box. The customer then scans their barcode or enters their number upon arriving at the mBOX, prompting the assigned locker to automatically open. 


Administrators can utilize specific administrator codes to access lockers, reset locker codes and service the unit.


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