Real Estate Kiosks


Meridian’s real estate kiosks can simplify the buying and selling process for both real estate agents and the prospective homebuyers. With the ability to also incorporate digital signage and advertising, real estate kiosks can be used to promote local businesses and services to help homebuyers prepare for life as homeowners.

Information Kiosk


Information kiosks offer the perfect solution for homebuyers who are just beginning their search as well as real estate agents who are looking to showcase their properties and services. An interactive touchscreen allows users to easily navigate through the available listings.

Sample solution. Software development required.
Thru Glass


Meridian’s thru-glass touch screen kiosk solutions allow prospective homebuyers to browse their real estate agent’s information, available listings, and website both during and outside of regular business hours. 

Sample solution. Software development required.
Interactive Digital Signage


Meridian’s interactive digital signage solutions engage prospective home buyers and provide a platform on which real estate agents can highlight specific properties and local businesses can promote their services and offerings.

Sample solution. Software development required.
Real Estate Check In Kiosk


Meridian’s check-in kiosks allow prospective home buyers to bypass the traditional check-in process to quickly and easily check in for an appointment with their real estate agent. Home buyers can also use check-in kiosks to fill out any necessary forms or paperwork prior to their meeting.

Sample solution. Software development required.
Create Transparency

Real estate kiosks create transparency throughout the buying process by providing access to all required information for prospective homebuyers.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Meridian’s real estate kiosks allow homebuyers to control their experience and real estate agents to focus on customer satisfaction.

Maximize Employee Efficiency

Real estate kiosks maximize efficiency by providing a platform on which prospective homeowners can conduct research and fill out necessary paperwork prior to meeting with their real estate agent.