The Road Ahead: The Strategic Advantage of Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers

Written by Ross Hersey


As the global push towards sustainable energy and transportation gains momentum, increasingly businesses are looking for ways to adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape. One significant step business can take is by installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers. This strategic move offers a myriad of benefits that go beyond just immediate financial gains, and position businesses for long-term success and resilience in a rapidly changing world. Installing one of Meridian’s all-new Digital EV Charging Solutions can future-proof your business in a variety of ways.

Staying One Step Ahead of the Market Shift:

The shift towards electric mobility is not just a slight trend but a significant transformation in the transportation industry. Meridian’s EV Chargers helps businesses adapt to this change, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive in the future market landscape. The adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating leading many consumers to transition from traditional gasoline-powered cars to EVs. By providing the charging infrastructure through Meridian, businesses now are now able to cater to this growing market by attracting EV drivers and positioning your brand as forward-thinking.

Benefits Driven by Technology:

Meet your customers where they are! Our savvy EV charging stations can provide valuable data insights on usage patterns, helping you better understand customer behavior and preferences. And with a captive audience Meridian’s EV Chargers are perfect for digital advertising and targeted marking opportunities. Additionally, Meridian’s EV chargers are designed to be more energy efficient, reducing costs and the bottom line. Sustain your business with our sustainable solutions!

Supporting Government Initiatives:

Governments around the world are implementing stricter regulations. Meridian’s Digital EV Charging Solutions help businesses stay ahead. Giving peace of mind and a sense of security! By incorporating the latest in EV technology directly into the design Meridian’s EV Chargers by aligning businesses with government initiates for Electric Vehicle use. Such as the eligibility for a variety of tax credits and rebates! Learn more about the specifics and qualifications here.


Installing electric vehicle chargers is a strategic investment that offers numerous benefits beyond immediate financial gains. It positions your business to thrive in a future where sustainability and technology play pivotal roles. By staying ahead of regulatory changes and meeting consumer demands by leveraging smart technologies. Businesses can prepare for future market trends, essentially future proofing their business and ensuring its long-term success. As the world continues to move towards innovative and sustainable practices, now is the perfect time to invest in Meridian’s Digital EV Charging Solutions to secure the future of your business! Get started now by emailing or by calling one of our sales representatives at 868-454-6757 today!

Why Meridian Kiosks?

Since 1999 Meridian has been providing cutting edge self-service solutions. The true benefit of Meridian comes from our ability to understand each solution individually and its function in the real world. Unlike other providers, Meridian specializes in custom solutions, so every solution has been painstakingly designed to maximize effectiveness. Meridian’s designs focus on the pixel quality of the display screens to the accessibility for maintenance staff. Meridian’s unique in-house approach allows for each solution to fit the customer’s needs rather than trying to fit the customer’s needs around an existing machine.


Meridian assists customers through the entire process of determining which type of solution is right for their company’s individual needs. Our highly trained team works directly with you to identify all the important features and functions needed for the Smart Locker to accommodate. Additionally, Meridian’s talented representatives help you choose the right hardware and software for your space. Meridian’s decades of experience help to advice aspects like constraints in floor space to matching existing aesthetics. Get started today to speak with one of our associates.



June 21, 2024