Student Kiosks

A student kiosk is a type of self-service station that provides students with access to various resources and services related to their academic life. Often equipped with touchscreen displays, keyboards, and other interactive tools, student kiosks allow students in higher education to log into their accounts, check their schedules, view their grades, and access other academic resources.


Some student kiosks may also offer printing services, allowing students to print out important documents and assignments. These kiosks are designed to offer students a convenient and efficient way to access important information.

Uses of Student Kiosk

Student kiosks have a variety of uses in educational institutions.

  • Course registration: students can register for courses or add/drop classes.
  • Grades: Students can check their grades, view their transcripts, and track their progress.
  • Printing: Kiosks can be equipped with printers, allowing students to print out assignments, papers, and other academic materials.
  • Financial aid: Students can access information about financial aid and scholarships.
  • Student organizations: Kiosks can provide information about student clubs and organizations, and allow students to sign up or join.

Benefits of Student Kiosk

There are several benefits of using student kiosks in educational institutions such as:


Increased convenience for students


Quick access to information


Increased efficiency for school staff


Greater accessibility for students with disabilities

Additionally the enhanced self-service aspect of the kiosks allow students to take control of their own academic experience by providing them with self-service access to important resources and information.

Overall, student kiosks can help improve the student experience, increase institutional efficiency, and reduce the workload on administrative staff.

Why Meridian Kiosks?

Meridian has been perfecting the art of kiosk production as part of our ongoing mission to provide top quality self-service solutions designed with the end user in mind. Meridian’s strength comes from our ability to understand how the unit will function in the space and how it will interact with people both directly and indirectly.


Unlike other kiosk providers, Meridian specializes in custom solutions meaning that every solution provided has been painstakingly designed and redesigned to maximize effectiveness, from the pixel quality of the display screens to the focus on accessibility for maintenance staff.


Meridian’s unique in-house approach means that each stage of design and production is done to fit the solution to the customer’s needs rather than trying to fit the customer’s needs around an existing machine. Request a quote today!