Meridian holds a deep understanding of the automotive retail and customer experience at auto dealerships and service centers. We have been building OEM integrated dealership solutions for over 7 years.  Our depth of Self-Service knowledge allows us to improve and enhance the automotive customer experience by providing an end-to-end fully integrated solution comprised of software, hardware, and analytics. Meridian can now integrate with most backend software packages used at dealerships today.


We have created solutions that streamline the check-in process, increase CSI, promote upsells, provide trade appraisals, and improve overall customer satisfaction—delivering a modern and efficient dealership experience of the future. Research shows that today’s customers are accustomed to self-service technology in all other retail verticals, specifically airports, grocery stores and retail. Our solutions bring the desired self-service technology to the automotive industry. These solutions are now available direct from Meridian to your dealership.

Increase Customer Engagement

Meridian’s automotive solutions increase customer engagement by allowing customers to find what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. Self-empowerment for your customers gives them back the most precious resource of all, time.

Decrease Transaction Time

Automotive kiosk solutions decrease transaction times by streamlining the entire process for dealerships and customers. in most cases, the entire transaction can be completed in under 2 minutes.

Create Transparency

Automotive kiosks create transparency throughout the customer interaction process by providing access to all required information for customers and dealerships.



Designed to provide a streamlined check-in process at any dealership or service center, the 24/7 Key Drop & Pick-Up allows customers to securely drop off and pick up their vehicle keys any time day or night. The kiosk can also be used to check-in and can take unattended payments as well as indicate services and send automatic notifications to customers. These solutions can now be tied into your backend systems for seamless integration.



The Indoor Virtual Service Advisor (VSA) is a progressive technology for the service lane that provides a straightforward DMS-connected self-service customer check-in solution. The solution also includes phone number and email capture/ update capabilities, real-time information on factory recall notices, trade valuations, transaction documents, upsells and recommended services, and a back-end analytics dashboard.



The Cube is designed to streamline and transform the entire service process for customers. By utilizing the indoor kiosk, drivers can check-in for their appointment and drop off their keys. Once the service is complete, customers can then use the kiosk to pay for and retrieve their keys. The unattended self-service solution is convenient, straightforward, and designed to work around your customer’s schedule.



Designed to allow for 24/7 access, the Outdoor Hybrid Virtual Service Advisor (VSA) provides the same progressive DMS-connected customer check-in features as its indoor counterpart, but is designed with a rugged outdoor enclosure, weatherproofing, and climate control to allow for use in any weather or extreme temperatures.



The Outdoor Hybrid Nightdrop streamlines service appointment check-in, allowing customers to securely drop off their vehicle keys 24/7. The outdoor kiosk provides consumers an alternative to the current drop off experience, offering a self-led option that’s convenient, straightforward, and works around your customer’s schedule.



Designed to provide a streamlined check-in process at any dealership service lane, the Outdoor 24/7 Night Drop allows customers to securely drop off and order services for their vehicles 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The kiosk can also be used to check-in and pay for service lane visits.


Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 3.46.38 PM

Silko Honda, located in Raynham, Massachusetts, installed a GoMoto kiosk in January of 2019. Less than six months later, they saw a CSI score improvement of over three points compared to the same time the previous year. After implementing GoMoto’s Virtual Service advisor, Silko Honda also saw an immediate improvement in check-in speed and a reduced number of large backups, especially during the morning hours.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 3.45.29 PM

Ancira Auto Group, located in San Antonio, Texas, installed a GoMoto kiosk in their Volkswagen dealership in January of 2019. In less than six months, their upsell rates tripled to 73%, with an average direct uplift per RO of $80 from upsells. Since implementing the Virtual Service Advisor, the dealership has also been able to reduce its check-in time from about 9 minutes to an average of 2:23 per customer.