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Meridian and GoMoto’s partnership provides the perfect combination of automotive expertise and self-service innovation. GoMoto, founded by Dealers for Dealers, holds a deep understanding of the automotive retail and customer experience at the dealership. This understanding paired with Meridian’s depth of kiosk knowledge allows us to improve and enhance the automotive customer experience by providing an end to end fully integrated solution comprised of software, hardware and analytics.


We have created solutions that streamline the check-in and payment process, increase CSI, promote upsells, provide trade appraisals and improve overall customer satisfaction—delivering a modern and efficient dealership experience of the future. Research shows that today’s customers are accustomed to self-service technology in all other retail verticals, specifically airports, grocery stores and retail. Our solutions bring the desired self-service technology to the automotive industry.

Increase Customer Engagement

Meridian’s automotive kiosks increase customer engagement by allowing customers to find what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.

Decrease Transaction Time

Automotive kiosk solutions decrease transaction times by streamlining the entire buying process for dealerships and customers.

Create Transparency

Automotive kiosk create transparency throughout the buying process by providing access to all required information for customers and dealerships.

Showroom Digital HUB


The Digital HUB provides a seamless interaction between the salesperson and customer through technology for the showroom that expedites the check-in process, accelerates the customer shopping journey and increases lead capture with registration via license scan that transmits directly to your CRM in real-time.

  • Customer Check-In
  • Digital Shopping Journey
  • Lead Capture
  • License Scan
  • CRM Integration
Virtual Service Advisor


The Virtual Service Advisor (VSA) is a progressive technology for the service lane that provides straightforward customer check-in and payment, digital transaction documents, equity mining, and recommended service upselling, with customized promotions and a branded user interface that connects to your DMS. The VSA provides customers a self-led check-in option that reduces overall transaction time inside the dealership and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Check-In
  • Checkout and Payment
  • Add-on Services
  • Equity Mining
  • Transaction Documents
Smart Service Kiosk


The Smart Service Kiosk (SSK) is an industry-first outdoor digital solution that streamlines service appointment check-in and payment, allowing customers to securely drop off or retrieve their vehicle keys 24/7. The SSK provides consumers an alternative to the current drop off and pick up experience, offering a self-led option that’s convenient, straightforward, and works around your customer’s schedule.

  • Customer Check-In
  • Checkout and Payment
  • Service Selection
  • Secure Key Drop and Retrieval



GoMoto and Meridian worked together to improve the car buying experience with self-service kiosks. The self-service solutions increase customer engagement, decrease transaction time and provide transparency to the buying process. When a customer enters the dealership they can use the kiosks to enter their contact information, which then guides them through a series of questions. The kiosk gathers their license information, phone number and email address, and pre-qualifies the customer without affecting their credit score. Once the customer is qualified, the kiosk displays only the vehicles in the dealer’s inventory that meet those qualifications. Customers can then click through and learn more about specific vehicles with pictures, videos and accident history reports.


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