Financial Kiosk

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Financial Kiosk 

Self-service solutions have become ubiquitous in today’s world, so it’s no surprise that financial institutions, and other companies across the board, are all leaping at the chance to provide high quality customer service while streamlining the financial process for their customers. In today’s world, most people do not have the time, or the bandwidth, to get to places during normal business hours. Meridian Kiosks have financial kiosk to help with those problems.


That is why Meridian’s Financial Kiosks are the ideal solution.  By allowing users to pay bills and update their accounts all unattended means that business operations don’t have to end with business hours.   


Offer a fast and convenient way to handle financial transactions in one convenient location. Meridian’s financial kiosks and financial solutions allow users to make unattended payments, quick cash transfers, and a variety of other financial interactions. Check out some of our amazing indoor kiosks to find the perfect solution for your business.

Uses of Financial Kiosk

Meridian’s Bill Pay Solution has revolutionized college and university campuses all over the country by offering institutions a hassle-free way to collect unattended payments from both students and faculty.  With the ability to tie into existing accounting systems.


Additionally, Meridian’s Financial Kiosks have been used at apartment complexes offering a fast and convenient way for residents to pay rent, pay for pet services such as grooming or access to a dog park, and paying additional fees.  Since many people use different methods pay from credit card to cash or check, it is important to have a solution that is versatile.

Benefits of Financial Kiosks

Meridian’s Financial Kiosks provide high quality customer service while streamlining the financial process for their customers.  Offering convenience and peace of mind to users through contactless operations 24 hours a day.


Now customers can update their accounts in real time, without having to download a clunky app or try to squeeze a conversation with an attendant during their lunch break. The user-friendly Financial Kiosks are ideal for the busy world.


With our Mzero Software platform, Meridian allows you to develop and customize your unique solution with our platforms such as MzeroCreate and MzeroPay.

Why Meridian Kiosks?

Meridian is the first and only self-service company to earn the prestigious SOC 2 compliant certification, due to our advanced security measures. Our SOC 2 Certification sets us apart especially in regards to financial transactions.


Meridian is the Golden Standard in self-service solutions, and that includes our financial solutions that have been offering fast and convenient transactions to be made around the clock whether on a college campus or at a large business park.  With over 20 years’ experience across multiple industries, Meridian designs effective financial solutions for any business regardless of scope or unique industry demands.


Our entirely American-made solutions, from the initial design and engineering to the final shipment, every aspect of our financial solutions are done in-house at our headquarters in Aberdeen, NC. Meridian constantly strives to bring forth only the most effective and innovative self-service technologies, both with our hardware and with our award winning Kiosk Software


Our solutions bring the best and most innovative self-service technology to the world.