HR Kiosk

Introducing the Human Resources Kiosk

The Human Resources Kiosk is the new, one-stop shop for all things HR. The Human Resources Kiosk (HR Kiosk) is a self-service platform that provides employees with easy access to HR resources, enabling them to self-manage everything from personal information to benefits and job applications. As part of our Indoor Kiosks the HR Kiosk comes in a variety of styles and fits any footprint. By utilizing the kiosk, employees can reduce the number of visits to the HR office and the time spent waiting for help.


The Human Resources Kiosk is available 24/7 and helps to relieve the workload of Human Resource employees so they can focus on providing the human element rather than being bogged down with mountains of paperwork.

Uses of HR Kiosks

Providing easy ways for employees to access HR resources and information, without having to overload your Human Resources Department.  HR Kiosks allow employees to access the important paperwork and update their accounts easily, information such as:

  • personal information
  • pay stubs
  • benefits information
  • apply for open positions
  • print documents


The HR Kiosk was designed to provide quick and easy access to a variety of HR functions that allows employees to access and manage their own information, saving them time and frustration.


The HR Kiosk provides a convenient system that allows employees to receive quick feedback on inquiries regarding benefits or pay stubs, as well as allowing them to instantly update contact information or any changes to their policies in one convenient location while still protecting their privacy. The HR Kiosk also offers an efficient way for employees to request vacation days or have access to Employee Wellness Programs without having to overload your HR department because now all the important information is in one easy to access location.  HR Kiosks are also used as training pods to help onboard new employees quickly and effectively as employees can access training modules and updated information right at their fingertips.

Benefits of HR Kiosks

The HR Kiosk is essential for any business, saving time and money by allowing staff to access their HR resources when they need to quickly and easily. By automating time-consuming HR processes, such as employee inquiries and updates, the HR Kiosk can free up your HR team to focus on more important tasks. HR Kiosks essentially help put the Human element back into Human Resources.


Moreover, this solution is essential for businesses looking to attract and retain the best talent, by providing a culture of quick responses and up-to-date information from their HR team. The Kiosk makes it easier for organizations to provide employees with quick access to information regarding their benefits, salary, job applications, and more. Meridian’s Developer Tools & Software Development Kit | Meridian Kiosks allows for customizable user interfaces that are designed specifically for your business and employees.

Why Meridian?

Since 1999 Meridian Kiosks has set itself apart as being the Golden Standard in self-service solutions, with over 20 years’ experience across multiple industries, Meridian has the scope and experience to deliver quality solutions designed specifically for the end user. 


Meridian offers entirely American-made solutions designed for the corporate world specifically to help alleviate the burden placed on Human Resources at many companies, freeing them up to provide the human element to their job rather than being bogged down with repetitive tasks that are often unfulfilling and time consuming. 


That is why Meridian’s Human Resource Kiosks are the ideal solution for any busy office space or company looking to have an edge in the already competitive field. From the initial in-house design and engineering to the final shipment, every aspect of the solutions are done in-house ensuring Meridian has control over the entire supply chain. 


Meridian constantly strives to bring forth only the most effective and innovative self-service technologies both in hardware and with our award winning Kiosk Software in multiple verticals including commercial business, both large and small. Our solutions, like our Human Resources kiosks, bring the best and most innovative self-service technology to the business world.