Automotive Smart Lockers

Supercharge your business with the expandable Automotive Locker. Boasting an impressive 15 dedicated doors with additional 40 door expansions, all in a compact footprint. This innovative solution offers multiple door space for items such as keys, documents, or scanners all while offering the ability to add additional locker columns when you need them.

This innovative design provides a streamlined vehicle check-in and pick-up process at any dealership or service center. The Automotive Smart Locker can also be used to take unattended payments and send automatic notifications to customers.  Designed for faced paced dealerships the Automotive Smart Locker allows for convenient and innovative vehicle pickup. No more messy envelopes or digging through a cluttered box of keys while your customer waits impatiently.  Now you can simply direct them to the sleek and modern locker for them to complete payment options and pick up their keys.


More about Smart Lockers here.

Uses of Meridian’s Automotive Locker

Say “Goodbye” to the unsightly box of keys at the front desk:

Meridian’s Automotive Lockers streamline key management with each key being placed in a locker door that automatically sends customers the access code to their individual compartment. No more mislabeled envelopes or box of keys. This innovative solution increases efficiency and reduces the chance of lost or unauthorized access to vehicles. Meridian’s system can even be equipped with a payment system so customers can pay for their services right at the locker before accessing their keys.

Documentation Management

Additionally, these lockers can also be used to store documents such as vehicle registration, maintenance records, customer service history, or even marketing materials. Customers automatically receive their unique authorization code and can pick up all their materials in one central location. Meridian’s Automotive Locker increases customer satisfaction while minimizing the risk of misplaced documents and other paperwork.

Ties into Backend Dealer Systems

Meridian’s Automotive Locker, just like all Meridian Automotive Solutions, ties into backend dealer systems. Offering real-time information on factory recall notices, trade valuations, transaction documents, upsells and recommended services, all available through a back-end analytics dashboard.

Benefits of Meridian’s Automotive Lockers

There are many benefits to Meridian’s Automotive Lockers from increased customer satisfaction to a reduction in lost or missing keys or important documents. These innovative solutions are designed specifically to benefit any busy dealership or after-market center. The streamlined nature of the lockers allows for them to be entirely self-service, freeing up staff for faster turnaround times.


The durable steel enclosure and long-lasting powder coating help ensure increased security for vehicle keys or other documents. The tamper resistant design helps prevent lost or stolen keys.  Additionally, the optional payment device allows for an extra layer of protection as customers complete their payment before accessing their keys from the locker. Meridian’s Automotive Lockers are designed for the automotive industry.


Why Meridian?

Self-service is nothing new to the automotive industry and Meridian’s automotive solutions are the cutting edge in innovation and design. For over 20 years we have been a staple in the self-service industry, building durable and American-Made solutions directly from our manufacturing plant to your dealership.


Meridian’s solutions are designed to provide high quality self-service to streamline your business. Allowing your dealership or service center to assist every customer regardless of how busy or short staffed you may be. Meridian’s innovative solutions extend past the automotive industry to almost every facet of the self-service revolution.