Key Drop Automotive Locker Solutions

Key Drop Solutions

This labor-saving solution streamlines services without increasing staff or operating hours! Meridian’s Key Drop allows users to create accounts, request services, and even accepts unattended payments, all at the touch of a finger. Customers drop-off their keys and select from a list of maintenance services directly at the unit. Keep all documentation and paperwork organized effortlessly and send automatic text messages to customers when their vehicles are ready for pick up.

Automotive Smart Lockers

Supercharge your business with the expandable Automotive Smart Locker, with an impressive 15 dedicated doors, with additional 40 door expansion units. This innovative design allows for items such as keys or promotional materials to be easily distributed and organized. As well as accepting unattended payments and sending preset notifications to customers.  No more messy envelopes or cluttered key boxes, now you can simply direct customers to the sleek Automotive Locker to complete payments and pick up their keys.

More about Smart Lockers here.

Uses of Meridian’s Key Drop

Increase marketing/digital opportunities

The sleek and modern designs offer a high-tech and personalized experience to customers while providing additional opportunities for digital advertising. Increase your marketing and advertising revenue with strategic ad placements available on our digital signage available on all our Automotive Solutions.

Show your customers the personalized experience they have come to expect from the self-service revolution. Meridian’s Key Drop is the ideal innovation for any dealership or service center wanting to provide a more personalized and modern face to customers and employees alike.

Ties into backend dealer systems

Meridian’s Key Drop offers real-time information on factory recall notices, trade valuations, transaction documents, upsells and recommended services, all available through a back-end analytics dashboard.   With the ability to tie into backend dealership systems Meridian’s Key Drop is the ideal solution for any dealership or service center.

Uses of Meridian’s Automotive Lockers

Say “Goodbye” to the unsightly box of keys at the front desk:

Meridian’s Automotive Lockers streamline key management with each key being placed in a locker door that automatically sends customers the access code to their individual compartment. No more mislabeled envelopes or box of keys. This innovative solution increases efficiency and reduces the chance of lost or unauthorized access to vehicles. Meridian’s system can even be equipped with a payment system so customers can pay for their services right at the locker before accessing their keys.

Documentation Management 

Additionally, these lockers can also be used to store documents such as vehicle registration, maintenance records, customer service history, or even marketing materials. Customers automatically receive their unique authorization code and can pick up all their materials in one central location. Meridian’s Automotive Locker increases customer satisfaction while minimizing the risk of misplaced documents and other paperwork.


Ties into Backend Dealer Systems 

Meridian’s Automotive Locker, just like all Meridian Automotive Solutions, ties into backend dealer systems. Offering real-time information on factory recall notices, trade valuations, transaction documents, upsells and recommended services, all available through a back-end analytics dashboard.

Benefits of Meridian’s Key Drop & Automotive Smart Lockers

The secure storage of customer’s keys directly at the unit creates a sleek and modern way to store keys, no more messy envelopes thrown in a box and no more opportunities for lost or stolen keys.  Now with Meridian’s Key Drop dealerships and service centers alike can offer customers a more secure and convenient way of dropping off and picking up their vehicles.


Also, no more wasted time with telephone tag or guessing games, now you can show your customers that their convenience is the top priority with Meridian’s Automotive Solutions. Staff can now focus their time on providing the human element of business rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks, especially during busy hours.


Why Meridian?

Research shows that today’s customers are accustomed to self-service technology in all other retail verticals. Our solutions, like our car dealership kiosks, bring the desired self-service technology to the automotive industry. These solutions are now available direct from Meridian to your dealership.


Meridian’s solutions are designed to streamline the check-in process allowing for all dealerships or service centers to be able to assist every customer regardless of how busy the time of day.  Meridian’s innovative solutions extend past the automotive industry to almost every facet of the self-service revolution.


For over 20 years Meridian has been a staple in the Self-Service industry providing high quality, American made, products designed for innovation.