Virtual Service Lane

VSL Solutions

Supercharge your customer experience with this centralized hub of information allowing for contactless check-in, automatic notifications, and the most up-to-date factory and industry information. Meridian’s innovative technology ties directly into most dealership networks making the VSL the ideal upgrade for the automotive industry.

Meridian’s Virtual Service Lane (VSL) is a progressive technology for the service lane that provides a straightforward DMS-connected self-service customer check-in solution. The solution also includes phone numbers and email capture, with update capabilities.  Additionally, Meridian’s VSL offers real-time information on factory recall notices, trade valuations, transaction documents, upsells and recommended services, all available through a back-end analytics dashboard.

Uses of Meridian’s VSL

Labor-Saving Solutions

Free up staff with Meridian’s VSL solutions, these interactive platforms provide fast and accurate responses right on the spot. Allow customers the freedom to effortlessly schedule services all while providing a method for accepting unattended payments right at the kiosk.

Increased Marketing Opportunities

The VSL has the ability to offer additional services or upgrades based on the vehicle’s history or customer’s preferences. Additional digital advertising, especially to a dedicated audience, is an effective way to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Ties into Backend Dealer Systems

Meridian’s VSL ties directly into backend dealer systems for real-time information on factory recall notices, trade valuations, transaction documents, upsells and recommended services. Have easy access to all available data through a back-end analytics dashboard. Just another reason the VSL is the ideal solution for any dealership or service center.

Data Collection and Analytics

Collect valuable analytics based on customer data to help improve service quality and predict customer trends.

Track customer interactions, preferences, and behavior effortlessly with Meridian’s VSL.

Data collection and analytics: VSLs can collect valuable data on customer interactions, preferences, and behavior. This data can be analyzed to gain insights into customer needs, identify trends, and improve overall service quality. These insights can help automotive businesses tailor their offerings and marketing strategies more effectively.

Benefits of Meridian’s VSL

Meridian’s VSL solutions are improving the customer experience across multiple dealerships and after-market service centers. By offering self-service options that allow customers to operate at their own pace without feeling rushed. This cost-saving measure automates redundant and menial tasks, freeing up staff to provide a greater level of individualized care to customers. Say goodbye to long lines and angry customers with Meridian’s VSL.

Why Meridian?

With over 20 years of experience designing and building the most innovative technology for the self-service industry Meridian has the talent and ability to provide top quality solutions designed specifically for dealerships and after-market service centers.

Self-service technology is nothing new in today’s world. Meridian is a leader in design and innovation of these industry defining solutions. This interactive service lane is designed to streamline customer service and free up staff to provide a greater level of customer service and support. Learn more about Meridian’s in-house process.