Interactive Advertisements

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As its name suggests, Interactive Advertisement are ways for companies to market themselves in interactive ways guaranteed to resonate with their target demographics. Meridian specializes in designing and building self-service solutions geared towards engaging users and enhance elements like forms, external links, polls etc.


InterAct Digital Signage by Meridian are just one of the many innovative and fascinating ways Meridian allows our customer to interact with their consumers directly. Interactive Advertising has become a staple of our modern daily life, and it’s no mystery why the shift from outdated paper posters has occurred.


Digital Signage allows for a more modern and dynamic brand recognition that can be changed and updated at a moment’s notice while still engaging with targeted audiences in a fun and unique way. 

Uses of Interactive Advertisement

 Interactive Advertisements have become such a common factor in our daily lives because they work; they are so effective more marketing agencies rely on them to offer a more positive experience with their brands. The interactive nature allows consumers to feel as if they have more control over the interaction. Specifically in places with a captive audience like gas stations or malls Interactive Advertisements can engage consumers at times previously unheard of even a few years ago.  


Additionally, places like parks and welcome centers are perfect locations for enticing visitors with the various hiking trails or activities throughout the area. Interactive Advertising, as well as other digital signage solutions, provide a way for users to get vital information in a way that is informative and easy.  From lead generation to wayfinding it is an important aspect for companies to consider.   

Benefits of Interactive Advertising

One of the main benefits of Interactive Advertising is the ability for the user to access information themselves, creating a greater sense of autonomy and enjoyment in their mind.


Often Interactive Advertising is seen by consumers as being part of a greater experience shared by a large number of people over being force fed an advertisement by some algorithm based on online search practices. That is why interactive is almost unanimously preferred by most users.


Interactive Advertising, especially with Meridian’s self-service kiosks, have the benefit of being effective means of direct marketing while providing a sleek and stylish kiosk showcasing the user experience, creating another positive association with your brand. 

Why Meridian?

Since 1999 Meridian Kiosks has set itself apart as being the Golden Standard in self-service solutions, with over 20 years’ experience across multiple industries, Meridian has the scope and experience to deliver quality solutions designed specifically for the end user. Meridian offers entirely American-made solutions.


From the initial in-house design and engineering to the final shipment, every aspect of the solutions is done in-house ensuring Meridian has control over the entire supply chain. Meridian constantly strives to bring forth only the most effective and innovative self-service technologies such as Mzero software solutions, such as Mzero InterAct Fact Book.


Meridian’s focus on being a total solution provider has us constantly striving to be an industry leader in the world of self-service. Contact Meridian Kiosks today to find out more about Interactive Advertisements.