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Digital Building Directory

Interactive digital building directories have become a staple of the modern world, from large corporate buildings to busy bus stations, interactive digital directories provide convenience and wayfinding to millions across the globe.

One of the main benefits is the ability for the user to access the information themselves, creating a greater sense of autonomy and enjoyment in their mind. This almost unanimously is seen as preferable by users, over wasting time in a busy corporate lobby full of preoccupied people.

Digital Building Directories offer a modern and innovative look, as do many other Corporate Kiosks, all while drastically speeding up the process of people locating their intended destination rather than wandering around a lobby getting angry.  

Why Meridian Kiosks?

Since 1999 Meridian Kiosks has set itself apart as being the Golden Standard in self-service solutions, with over 20 years’ experience across multiple industries, Meridian has the scope and experience to deliver quality solutions designed specifically for the end user. Meridian offers entirely American-made solutions.


From the initial in-house design and engineering to the final shipment, every aspect of the solutions are done in-house ensuring Meridian has control over the entire supply chain. Meridian constantly strives to bring forth only the most effective and innovative self-service technologies in multiple verticals including commercial real estate and tourism management.


Our solutions, like our car dealership kiosks, bring the best and most innovative self-service technology to the world of high end commercial real estate. 

Uses & Benefits of a Digital Building Directory

Meridian’s Virtual Building Directories Digital Signage are designed to modernize the current and outdated static signage in most lobbies and large buildings. Creating the most state-of-the-art digital signage by providing a high tech and modern look found in most corporate lobbies and massive skyscrapers.


With the ability to minimize stress levels of someone coming in for an interview or making a delivery. No more wandering around aimlessly trying to locate a specific room or suite or having to bug the receptionist with a million questions. Now the person needs to only consult the Digital Building Directory for interactive wayfinding and instructions to their destination. Meridian’s solutions also increase ROI with the ability to utilize the same space originally used for interactive wayfinding, now doubling it as digital advertising.


Additionally, the same Digital Building Directories can also be used to assist in emergency situations with Emergency Response and Management allowing the ability to showcase the nearest emergency exits in the event of an emergency. This proves to be especially helpful for visitors or anyone unfamiliar with the building’s layout during stressful and tense situations.


One of the main benefits of the Digital Building Directory is the ability to access information on the user’s own terms, which is preferable over wasting time in a big city where people may be busy or too preoccupied to help. 


Meridian is highly devoted to ensuring that its customers are satisfied and have the right technology for their brand. The Digital Building Directory is just one of the many innovative brands produced by Meridian. Meridian designs the most current and effective for people to be able to find their way through various cities.