G3 Kiosk

One of Meridian’s most economical options, the G3 is ideal for tablets and all-in-ones. The G3’s slim design offers maximum audience reach while occupying limited space. Additional mobility features make the G3 an option for use in all industries.


Tablet | 15-inch | 17-inch | 19-inch | 22-inch

Durable Steel Enclosure

We use cold rolled steel to build our indoor kiosk enclosures. The steel is cut, bent and welded by our own team to ensure the highest quality.

Security Locks

At Meridian, we secure all of our kiosk enclosures with durable security locks to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.

Powder Coat Finish

Our kiosks are manually covered with a powder coat finish. Bonded by metal particles and cured at 400 degrees, it provides complete and highly durable coverage.

Small Footprint

All of the kiosks in Meridian’s G2 and G3 lines are designed to provide the complete user experience while using minimal amounts of floor space.

Simplicity and versatility set the G3 apart. For a pedestal-style kiosk, there are a wide range of hardware options and ample space for branding. This model offers immense value for a variety of use cases. 
Eric Frank

Engineering Manager

Customize Your Kiosk

As an end-to-end kiosk provider, Meridian designs, engineers and manufactures all of our self-service solutions under one roof. By owning the entire process, we are able to customize our kiosk models to best fit our client’s needs. How can we help you?


Customization available, engineering fees may apply. 

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