Presenza Outdoor Kiosk

A seamless combination of form and function, the Presenza is designed to provide an unattended self-service presence for a variety of applications.


22-inch | 32-inch | 43-inch | 55-inch | 65-inch

Durable Steel Enclosure

We use durable aluminum to build our outdoor kiosk enclosures. The aluminum is cut, bent and welded by our own team to ensure the highest quality.

Security Locks

At Meridian, we secure all of our kiosk enclosures with durable security locks to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.

Powder Coat Finish

Our kiosk colors include silver, black and white powder coat finish. Colors can also be customized by our in-house team to match branding.

Panel Access

Meridian’s front access self-service kiosk enclosures provide easy accessibility for security and maintenance purposes.

The Presenza is one of our most versatile models. The Presenza comes in both indoor and outdoor models, and has the ability to incorporate a variety of hardware components.  Its versatility makes the Presenza the perfect solution for a variety of use cases across multiple industries. 

Customize Your Kiosk

As an end-to-end kiosk provider, Meridian designs, engineers and manufactures all of our self-service solutions under one roof. By owning the entire process, we are able to customize our kiosk models to best fit our client’s needs. How can we help you?


Customization available, engineering fees may apply. 

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