Meridian Announces Unique Self-Service Locker Software Solution

Aberdeen, NC – September 24, 2018 – Meridian, an industry leading kiosk manufacturer and software developer, has expanded their software offerings to include a unique software platform  for their self-service automatic locker system, mBOX.


mBOX provides secure, kiosk-managed storage to simplify product pickup and improve customer experiences. The solution can be used for order pickup, equipment rentals, device charging, and package retrieval or drop off, and is customizable to fit the needs of a variety of industries.


When launching their mBOX solution, customers are able to create their own application from Meridian’s Software Development Kit (SDK), MzeroCreate. MzeroCreate provides the programming interface integration that allows full customization of the locker solution platform. It also has the capability to integrate the locker hardware itself—printers, scanners, VoIP, additional digital signage, and payment acceptors of all kinds including cash, credit, debit, check, and mobile—into the locker system. “Most of the heavy lifting is done for you. You simply plug it into an HTML-based front end with MzeroCreate or add it to your website. Example front-ends are available for customers to modify and get started quickly,” said Meridian’s Director of Software, Paul Burden.


Through their MzeroCreate-enabled application, the customer or the operator filling the lockers can issue three simple commands—’Status’, ‘Store’, and ‘Retrieve’. The ‘Status’ command allows the operator to assess the inventory of all the lockers. The ‘Store’ command scans the tracking number and opens an available door so that an operator can place a package inside. The ‘Retrieve’ command enables the customer to scan a delivery notice which will open the locker door associated with their order.


mBOX also utilizes Meridian’s MzeroManage software package, which is designed to enable kiosk managers to monitor and manage multiple kiosks in remote locations. “MzeroManage aggregates all the inventory of your lockers into a single database in real time,” said Burden. MzeroManage also gives customers the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly, even when they’re offsite. “The heartbeat confirms your system is always running and healthy.”


Meridian’s mBOX software solution currently has the capability to support units with up to 70 individual lockers per PC. In addition to MzeroCreate and MzeroManage, Meridian’s software suite includes MzeoDirectMe, MzeroInteract, and MzeroPay. Software solutions are available as stand-alone software packages on existing hardware, or available on ready-to-ship kiosk models.


Meridian is a fully integrated manufacturer of indoor and outdoor kiosks, interactive digital signage and self-service software.  As a complete end-to-end self-service innovator, Meridian develops products and services all under one roof, providing greater efficiency, and lean, high-quality results. Learn more about Meridian’s digital signage and software at

Smart Locker Solution SDK
September 24, 2018