Meridian Explores the ‘Internet of More Things’

Aberdeen, NC – November 26, 2014 – Meridian announced today that it is launching two separate projects with Mzero Remote Sensor prototypes; the first are two beta tests being conducted on site at its corporate headquarters in Aberdeen, and the second is a pilot project with an ice cream distributor.


“We want to continue to enhance our product for additional use cases as well as gather real-time feedback from the market,” said Gerard Frederique, Head of Partner Integration at Meridian.


The beta test being conducted at Meridian’s corporate headquarters will be a two-sensor network. One sensor will work in concert with the mBOX Locker System to detect the opening and closing of the door. The second will sense the temperature in Meridian’s courtyard. Whenever the temperature dips below 40-degrees alerts will be sent to the beta test team. “This is incredibly helpful for me,” said Meridian Director of Safety Vic Graham. “Our courtyard has a concrete sidewalk and a sprinkler system; temperature notifications will help me to know when there is a potential safety hazard due to freezing so that it can be addressed.”


The pilot project will seek to solve an ongoing problem for an ice cream distributor. Typically, customers will run out of ice cream, and only then notify the distributor. This makes for inventory shortages for ice cream shops and customers not getting flavors they want. The Mzero Remote Sensors will notify the distributor when the last vat of ice cream has been pulled from its customers’ storage. This will allow for proactive reordering and more efficient delivery by the distributor.


The sensors will work in concert with MzeroManage, Meridian’s performance and monitoring software. By using SMS over GSM, the sensors (or a network of sensors) will communicate and send data to an SMS adapter, which will then disseminate that information via the MzeroManage web dashboard and throughout any already existing enterprise back office. “What’s unique about our software and our sensors is that they are integration ready,” said Paul Burden, SVP of Software Development for Meridian. “Our solution will work with most any existing IT infrastructure.”


The sensors being used for Meridian’s beta tests will both be powered using small solar panels. Mzero Remote Sensors can also be powered by battery or be hard wired, depending on the scenario and ideal configuration.


The Mzero Remote Sensors are attached to traditionally offline devices. A variety of sensors measure different inputs such as temperature, motion, weight, etc. and send signals when conditions trigger any number of preset parameters. “I like the idea that we are connecting previously unconnected devices,” said Meridian CEO Chris Gilder. “When you have a business, the ability to receive instantaneous feedback gives you a huge advantage; we know that Mzero Remote Sensors will be a game changer for all sorts of organizations.


“Mzero Remote Sensors make way for the ‘Internet of More Things,’” said Gilder. “The use cases are endless – inventory alerts for ice chests or propane tanks at convenient stores, notifications for shopping carts at large retailers, and so on; these tests will give us important feedback as we refine and open up this product to many more possibilities.”

November 26, 2014