Self Storage Kiosk

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Self Storage Kiosk

Self storage kiosk allow customers to rent and access personal storage units or items, from rental equipment to storage space for luggage or personal items. Self-storage kiosks are changing the game for across many industries. From luggage storage in airports, train stations, or amusement parks to large scale applications like storage companies, Meridian’s Indoor Kiosks are game-changers across all landscapes.    


Designed to be user-friendly and accessible as well as offering around-the-clock access, even outside of normal business hours, they are ideal for businesses looking to improve customer service without having to overload their already hardworking staff. With the use of a self-storage kiosk, customers can rent a unit, make unattended payments, and access their unit at any time, making the self-storage process contactless, freeing up staff to focus on providing the human element of the business rather than being bogged down by the time consuming tasks of assigning units and handling payments.


By automating many of the tedious and manual processes these kiosks can help reduce the workload of staff freeing them up to do more tasks through out the day and ultimately reducing operating costs for the company while increasing revenue through offering customers an opportunity to make payments and access their units on their own time even outside of normal business hours. 


Overall, kiosks for self-storage offer a hassle-free and contactless way for customers to rent and access self-storage units. With Meridian’s award winning Mzero Software getting your self-service kiosk set up today is easy and efficient. Learn more here, or talk to a representative by email or give us a call at 866-454-6757.

Uses of Self Storage Kiosk

Meridian’s Self-storage kiosks offer a wide variety of services to customers looking to rent and have access to self-storage units all while reducing the workload on staff.  These contactless solutions allow customers the ability to rent units, select their desired sizes or additional features, and make payments all unattended, thus freeing up staff.


These kiosks can be used for storage rentals for large scale storage units to smaller temporary storage units for luggage at airports or hotels. Self-storage kiosks are designed to fit the needs of customers needing storage space across all industries and across a variety of time frames. Additionally, these kiosks can be used as an effective marketing tool advertising specific promotions to users as well as offering a space for digital signage advertising to a dedicated audience operating the kiosks during the day.


Meridian’s developer tools and software kits allow companies to develop their own platforms and build out exactly the solution for their particular business.  Meridian’s solutions also have the ability to include existing software as well if so desired. Meridian will work with the specific needs of your unique industry or project to create the perfect self-storage kiosk for your business.  

Benefits of Self Storage Kiosk

The benefits of self storage kiosk are numerous even for both customers and businesses. By offering increased convenience through contactless self-service businesses can reduce staff workloads while offering efficiency for customers.


Additionally, contactless operations means that facilities and businesses can extend their services without having to increase their operating hours. Users can access the kiosks to rent, make payments, and have access to their storage spaces any time day or night. Self-storage kiosks are changing the game by offering greater customer service and increasing efficiency for businesses across the country. 

Why Meridian?

Since 1999 Meridian Kiosks has set itself apart as being the Golden Standard in self-service solutions, with over 20 years’ experience across multiple industries, Meridian has the scope and experience to deliver quality solutions designed specifically for the self-storage industry. Meridian offers entirely American-made solutions.


From the initial in-house design and engineering to the final shipment, every aspect of the solutions are done in-house ensuring Meridian has control over the entire supply chain. Meridian constantly strives to bring forth only the most effective and innovative self-service technologies both in hardware and with our award winning Kiosk Software in multiple verticals including commercial real estate and tourism management.


Our solutions, like our car dealership kiosks, bring the best and most innovative self-service technology to the world of high end commercial real estate. Learn more here, or talk to a representative by email or give us a call at 866-454-6757.