Meridian Welcomes Senior Project Manager

Kiosk Expert

Aberdeen, NC –  April 19, 2018 – Meridian, an industry leading kiosk manufacturer, has welcomed Senior Project Manager, Amanda Jordan to its growing team of self-service kiosk experts.

Amanda’s experience is invaluable to the Meridian team, with her years at some of the worlds finest companies and her drive to continually improve the environment she works in,” said Meridian Founder and CEO, Chris Gilder.


Jordan has worked extensively in project product development in the automotive, electronic and medical industries (Siemens AG) in Europe, North America and Asia. Successful projects are built on team cooperation and communication in dynamic and complex environments,” said Jordan. “Becoming a successful leader in project management involves recognizing and encouraging everyone’s contribution to the successful completion of a project and speaking their language.”

Kiosk Experts
“Kiosks are simple, you just have to get a thousand different things right.”


As Meridian’s Senior Project Manager, Jordan will strategically guide clients through each project. “As we continue to grow we see more and more projects happening simultaneously, and as I’ve heard it said, ‘kiosks are simple, you just have to get a thousand different things right.’ Having key leadership in that area is critical to doing just that,” said Gilder. Jordan will be helping overhaul Meridian’s internal systems and procedures to improve day to day operations and help manage growth.


“Meridian is a leading kiosk manufacturing company with a clear entrepreneurial flair, where independent thinking is encouraged to foster company success,” said Jordan. “People are what make any organization successful and as a project leader, it’s your job to bring a team together to drive success for the business.”

April 19, 2018