Meridian’s Smart Lockers provide secure, accurate, and streamlined
storage and pickup solutions for products of any size.

Package/Shopping Lockers


With the shift to more online shopping, Meridian’s Smart Lockers offer a way for customers to easily & efficiently receive their packages at their convenience. Whether in an apartment complex or a retail store, Meridian Smart Lockers have the sizes and configurations you need.

Automative Solution


Smart Lockers improve and enhance the customer experience by providing a fully customized self-service solution for the automotive industry. Our kiosks streamline the check-in process & can manage all key drop and pick-up services, including secure after hours solutions



Smart lockers are convenient for order pickup, especially in the food & shopping industries. Customers place their order online, or through an app, then pick it up directly from the locker using a secure QR code or pin number.



Meridian provides creative & innovative solutions to the toughest problems facing your industry. With storage space ranging from a single key to a fleet of kayaks Meridian will tailor a perfect design for your specific needs creating a smooth user experience for you and your customers

MzeroCreate is the development platform we use to tailor a software solution to your specific needs. Building off the three basic commands of “Status”, “Store”, and “Retrieve”, the software is integrated into the locker hardware itself, providing efficient solutions to maximize customer satisfaction.

Mzero Manage - Full Color Background-01

MzeroManage is Meridian’s proprietary remote monitoring software, designed to enable locker administrators to monitor and manage multiple locker deployments from remote locations. MzeroManage aggregates all the inventory of the smart locker system into a single database in real time, giving administrators the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly, even when they’re offsite.

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