Visitor Management Kiosk

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Visitor Management Kiosk

The innovative and modern way to track and assist visitors through a contactless self-service solution Meridian’s Visitor Management Kiosks offer features such as visitor check-in, ID scanning, badge printing, wayfinding, and digital advertising. Designed to offer convenience and safety through increased security measures while streamlining visitor check-in processes. 


Meridian’s Virtual Building Directories offer a sleek and modern design that is guaranteed to be eye-catching and engaging for visitors to locate specific offices, locations, or even to notify staff of their arrival.

Uses of Visitor Management Kiosk

Utilized in a variety of industries from corporate offices, to hospitals, visitor management kiosks are the ideal way to track and manage visitors. Most commonly used in large commercial developments and corporate office buildings visitor management kiosks are also being used for similar reasons in school systems and governmental buildings. Due to their ability to increase check-in efficiency while also increasing security measures.


Visitor management kiosks are also deployed in hospitals and clinics across the country to manage patient sign-ins and assist in screening patients for any symptoms of illness. Meridian’s visitor management kiosks provide valuable data while increasing security measures and efficiency for all visitors.

Benefits of a Visitor Management Kiosk

Visitor management kiosks are utilized in numerous of locations and offer a wide variety of functions and benefits.  Most commonly to offer peace of mind to employees in large commercial buildings by offering an increased security measure.  Visitor management kiosks can scan ID’s and be set to track all visitors and even notify security if an unwelcomed person has been spotted trying to access the building.  All while increasing efficiency through self-service reducing wait times and the workload of staff.


By automating many of the tedious and manual processes such as contact details and personal information the Visitor management kiosk can free up staff to offer the more personalized attention that would not previously be possible. Additionally, visitor management kiosks can be utilized for increased branding purposes.


Not only does the sleek and modern hardware of the units send the message that your company is part of the cutting edge innovation, but the screens themselves can be used as digital advertising space to offer company information and other branding materials.

Why Meridian Kiosks?

Since 1999 Meridian Kiosks has set itself apart as being the Golden Standard in self-service solutions, with over 20 years’ experience across multiple industries, Meridian has the scope and experience to deliver quality solutions designed specifically for the self-storage industry. Meridian offers entirely American-made solutions.


From the initial in-house design and engineering to the final shipment, every aspect of the solutions are done in-house ensuring Meridian has control over the entire supply chain. Meridian constantly strives to bring forth only the most effective and innovative self-service technologies both in hardware and with our award winning Kiosk Software in multiple verticals including commercial real estate and tourism management.


Our solutions, like our car dealership kiosks, bring the best and most innovative self-service technology to the world of high end commercial real estate. Learn more here, or talk to a representative by email or give us a call at 866-454-6757.