Meridian Expands Kiosk and Digital Signage Software Suite

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Aberdeen, NC – February 28, 2017 – Meridian Kiosks, the Customer Experience Leader in self-service solutions, acquired the assets of KING Products and Solutions, Inc (KPSI), of Toronto Canada in April of 2009.

“This was a critical acquisition for Meridian and one that allows us to deliver complete seamless solutions to our clients and partners,” said Chris Gilder, Meridian founder and CEO.


Meridian continues to operate offices in Canada for its software and customer service divisions, while the manufacturing and integration operations remain at Meridian’s 13-acre facility in North Carolina.


The divisions in Canada are led by original KING team member, Paul Burden, Director of Software. Since the acquisition of KING, Meridian has launched MzeroSoftware, a suite of award-winning self-service software.  “Our software allows us to quickly deploy custom software solutions for self-service projects, having the Mzero platform to build on saves huge amounts of time and has the benefit of a robust mature software platform,” said Gilder. The customizable software suite includes MzeroPlatform, MzeroManage and MzeroCreate.


In March of 2016 Meridian announced an addition to its already impressive software offerings with the launch of MzeroInteract, Meridian’s off-the-shelf digital signage software solution. InterAct is the first of a collection of off-the-shelf interactive software packages. “We are excited to have off-the-shelf software for our clients that give them the tools to deploy a cost-effective customizable self-service solution,” said Gilder.


Shortly after the launch of InterAct, Meridian expanded its off-the-shelf software package offerings with MzeroPay and MzeroDirectMe. MzeroPay offers customers a secure, easy-to-use bill payment application. “MzeroPay allows users across a multitude of verticals to sell goods and services from unattended locations worldwide,” said Paul Burden, Director of Software at Meridian.


MzeroDirectMe is Meridian’s building directory software application. The newest software solution from Meridian offers visitors an interactive, easy-to-use directory solution. “DirectMe is intuitive and interactive, making it easier than ever for visitors to reach their destination,” said Chris Gilder, CEO of Meridian.


DirectMe allows users to search for information, send the information to their mobile device and print a physical copy of the directory information. “We wanted to create a self-service solution for high-density business buildings and geographically spread campuses,” said Burden.


MzeroInterAct, MzeroPay and MzeroDirectMe are available as stand-alone software packages on existing hardware, or available on ready-to-ship Meridian kiosk models. Learn more about Meridian’s off-the-shelf software packages by visiting

February 28, 2017