Meridian Announces Interactive EV Charging Solution

EV Charging solution

Aberdeen, NC – March 22, 2016 – Meridian Kiosks, the leading pioneer in self-service solutions, announces a new, innovative EV charging solution. 

EV Charging Solution


“It’s something that Meridian has wanted to develop for quite a few years now, so we’re excited to finally introduce this addition to our product line,” said Chris Gilder, Meridian CEO. Meridian will showcase their new product as DSE in Las Vegas on March 29th and March 30th. Meridian’s team will be exhibiting in Booth S25 in the Self-Service Pavilion.


On Wednesday, Meridian announced fuseEV, an interactive or non-interactive, self-service charging station for electric cars. Meridian combined its expertise in interactive digital signage with the company’s passion for eco-friendly solutions to create fuseEV. “The desire to provide this product stemmed from us looking to use EV vehicles as a company. “While doing research we noticed the lack of infrastructure available for EV cars,” said Gilder. Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and the miles per charge is increasing substantially. These new advances are creating a rise in electric cars on the road that will encourage production of electric vehicle charging stations, as the success of electric cars will be dependent on the availability of EV charging stations.


The fuseEV charging solution includes a 240V, 32-Amp Level 2 EVSE with a 25-foot charging cable and a sleek, interactive or non-interactive touch screen. The touch screen allows users to engage with digital information while waiting for their car to charge. “fuseEV is an EV charging solution that also provides ROI opportunities for companies and organizations looking to implement charging stations. It can be used as an informational tool, alert tool and advertising portal,” said Gilder.


fuseEV is available as a stand-alone hardware solution, able to integrate with custom software, or available with Meridian’s self-service software. MzeroPlatform is a secure lockdown web browser that allows web content or custom attract loops to be displayed on the unit.  Learn more about Meridian’s self-service solutions at

March 22, 2017