Meridian Paid Internship Opportunities

One of the more exciting aspects of Meridian’s internships is that Interns have a unique opportunity to see the total manufacturing process from beginning to end, while learning from industry leaders on a daily basis. Meridian offers a variety of internship opportunities, whether your interests lie in business development or manufacturing. Learn more about the available internships below and apply today!


Business Focused Internships


Experience the business side of manufacturing, from accounts receivable to development and market share. See how the industry operates by experiencing all aspects of the business.


Help create and implement marketing campaigns across a variety of verticals for self service. Assist with social media marketing and branding.


Help assist the Sales Department in day-to-day tasks focused on learning product knowledge, and real-world use cases.


Assist with the day-to-day accounting process and learn the ins-and-outs of accounting while gaining real-world experience.

Manufacturing Focused Internships


Our Manufacturing Internship offers direct, hands-on, experience in every step of the manufacturing process. Work directly with skilled teams to get a taste of the manufacturing process.


Engineering Interns will gain real-world experience working directly with industry leaders to assist in the design and construction of solutions.


Bring ideas to life as you learn from experienced teams in both the Assembly and Fabrication processes in manufacturing.


Interested in the practical uses of technology? Here is a chance to gain experience while working directly with industry leaders.

Learn what past Interns have to say about their experience at Meridian

This Month’s Intern Spotlight: Jalen Wilkes, Engineering Intern


Meridian is a self-service industry pioneer and fully integrated manufacturer of kiosks and digital signage. For nearly two decades, Meridian has specialized in helping companies optimize brand impact and extend brand reach. The Meridian team understands that together great minds create even greater solutions. 


Partnerships such as Intel, HP, Panasonic, Microsoft, Verizon, and others has allowed Meridian’s team to collaborate, challenging the status quo to create innovative and engaging self-service solutions.Meridian differentiates itself by building kiosk solutions completely in-house. 


When Mzero software was born in 2009, Meridian became one of the largest end-to-end self-service solution providers in North America. By owning the entire process, Meridian can guide clients from start to finish, creating a robust solution to help reach specific goals. 


Meridian’s headquarters are located in Aberdeen, NC – only a 10 minute drive to Pinehurst and Southern Pines, NC. For more on what the Moore County area has to offer, visit our local Convention and Visitors Bureau website,