As the Housing Market Continues to Thrive, Real Estate Kiosks Offer 24/7 Selling Assistance

Drive through any given neighborhood in the United States and you’ll probably notice a handful of homes with “for sale” signs in their front yard, but come back a few weeks later and those signs will have likely been replaced by “sold” signs and moving vans. Sound familiar?  


Following the recession that plagued the United States from 2007 to 2009, the housing market has made an impressive comeback. In fact, according to research by the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales in the US totaled more than 5.34 million in 2018. Of those sales, an impressive 32% were first time home buyers.


While the home buying process is certainly an exciting one, it requires an immense amount of time, effort, and research by both the real estate agent and the homebuyer—especially for first time homebuyers. That’s where real estate kiosks come in. Designed to take on a multitude of tasks—from initial information gathering, to checking in for an appointment, and browsing listings—real estate kiosks can simplify the home buying and selling process.


Information Kiosks

As with most large purchases and investments, homebuyers typically begin their search for a new home by determining their needs and gathering additional information. While some choose to meet with a real estate agent from day one of their search, others prefer to take the time to first research on their own to ensure that they come into their initial meeting prepared. With the ability to showcase interactive information about available agents as well as their properties, services, locations, and areas of expertise, information kiosks can serve as a useful tool for real estate agents to provide during the research and information gathering process.


Thru-Glass Kiosks

While real estate agents tend to work extended hours to accommodate clients and potential homebuyers, they aren’t in their office at all times of the day. Designed to be installed behind an exterior window, thru-glass solutions can offer the same interactive information-sharing and advertising capabilities as information kiosks and interactive digital signage, regardless of whether or not the  office is open. To allow homebuyers to interact with the information on-screen, the digital display communicates with a CPU, which then communicates with a window-mounted touch foil, all of which are housed on the interior side of the window. The integration with the touch foil enables Thru-Glasshomebuyers to click on different content by touching the glass from the exterior. 


Not only do thru-glass solutions serve as a way to establish seemingly unlimited business hours, their unique display and interactive features also draw attention to those who are simply passing by—enticing them to engage with the screen. With the ability to browse home listings in the area and gather information about the real estate office—agent names, contact information, business hours, and more—homebuyers are often enticed by the convenience factor as well.


Digital Signage

Used for information sharing, digital signage enables real estate agents to highlight specific properties and services while also providing a platform on which local businesses can pay to promote their offerings. From relevant local service providers, like plumbers, electricians, and handymen, to schools, restaurants, and events, prospective homebuyers can utilize those offerings to get to know the area and gather information on the service providers they may need to use while they consider purchasing a new home. In addition to being able to advertise their own services and properties, real estate agents can benefit from this solution two-fold by making revenue off of the advertising space they sell on their digital signage solution.


Secure Check-In

Once a prospective homebuyer decides they’re ready to meet with a real estate agent, a check-in kiosk allows them to bypass the traditional check-in process to quickly and easily check-in for their appointment. Homebuyers can select the agent they’re meeting with and even notify them of their arrival, all from the kiosk. While they’re waiting, they can also use check-in kiosks to fill out any necessary forms or paperwork prior to their meeting.


Designed to provide transparency and promote efficiency throughout the homebuying process, real estate kiosks allow potential homebuyers to access information in a way that is convenient and easy to interact with. As the housing market continues to thrive and real estate agents find themselves busier than ever, real estate kiosks will continue to play a key supporting role in the process—effectively enhancing the overall experience for both real estate agents and homebuyers.


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March 5, 2019