Customer Lockers: What Are They & How Do They Promote Innovation?

Written by Kyle Conroy

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect convenience and flexibility when shopping, especially from major players in various industries. This increased demand has led Meridian to create the Smart Customer Lockers. Smart Customer Lockers are the innovation that allows businesses the flexibility and convenience their customers want, 24/7.


Meridian’s Customer Lockers are designed to offer a convenient way for customers to pick up items or merchandise on their own schedule. Offering a greater level of flexibility and convenience to everyone. With Meridian’s Smart Locker Solutions, businesses can take control with fully integrated systems, transparent usage tracking, and remote management.


Smart Locker



The Key Features of Customer Lockers

  • Take control: Meridian’s Customer Lockers come with fully integrated systems, transparent usage tracking. Additionally, the remote management capabilities allow businesses to manage their lockers efficiently and effectively.
  • Safe and secure: Built with tamper-resistant materials and a durable powder coat finish, Meridian’s customer lockers are designed for secure storage and pickup of items. Easily keep items secure until they are picked up right at your location.
  • Convenient: Meridian’s customer lockers offer 24/7 contactless delivery and retrieval, enabling customers to quickly and easily access their items. While also reducing wait times, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing overall efficiency.
  • ADA compliant: Meridian’s customer lockers are ADA compliant, making them accessible to all customers. This is especially important for businesses that cater to customers with disabilities or mobility challenges.
  • Made in the USA: Meridian’s customer lockers are designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring high quality and reliability.

How Customer Lockers Help Businesses

Customer Lockers can benefit more than just the retail industry. Learn how Meridian’s solution impacted the construction equipment industry at Carter CAT.


Stop Losing Time & Money


Tired of being at the mercy of shipping times and scheduling conflicts and wanting to improve their customer service, Carter CAT contacted Meridian. The new solution would allow their customers to pick up the parts they need on their own time rather than having to stick to traditional 9-5 business hours.


So Meridian created the 24-Hour Parts Pick-Up Lockers for CAT, giving freedom and flexibility back to Carter CAT’s customers.


When a customer’s part is ready, it is simply scanned into the locker. This scan automatically sends the customer an email letting them know that their part is ready for pick up. Then the customer picks up the part on their own time, even if it is after hours or before dawn. 


This new automated process means no more waiting for normal business hours. The customer simply scans their express card, or some other form of ID into the system, and the corresponding door opens easily.  Decreasing downtime waiting around for necessary parts to be delivered or for someone to let them into the building.


Overall, the 24-Hour Customer Lockers has improved CAT’s customer service by giving control back to their customers. 



How Can This Help Other Businesses & Industries?


The benefits that the Customer Locker provided to Carter Cat also apply to across various industries, from retail to construction. Customer Lockers offer a contactless and efficient way to pick up online orders saving on delivery costs. Meridian’s new system ultimately reduces downtime and increases productivity. The automated process also reduces the need for staff to be present for pickups. This makes the process more efficient and cost-effective for the business. The versatility and flexibility of Customer Lockers make them a valuable asset for any business that deals with customers. No matter what business or industry, Smart Customer Lockers are a perfect asset for any B2C company dealing with storage or the time-sensitive exchange of assets and merchandise with customers. Meridian’s Customer Lockers are designed for efficiency, safety, and security, making them an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve their customer experience with flexibility and convenience. 


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August 14, 2023