Five Most Popular Bill Payment Kiosk Applications

Bill payment kiosks add value by enhancing customer experience through self-service payment. The multi-use kiosk solution offers customers a secure transactional platform and provides businesses with custom reports on credit card transactions, cash transactions, cash balances and device state-of-health. Adding convenience for customers, bill payment kiosks can support multiple cash configurations and all major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Android Pay and Apple Pay. Advances in bill payment technology and security, and increasing demand for efficient solutions make bill payment kiosk applications a popular solution for all industries. Here are the five most popular bill payment kiosk applications we’re currently seeing throughout the self-service industry.

Ticketing Bill Payment Kiosk

Ticketing bill payment kiosks allow users to easily purchase bus, movie, train and game tickets. Bill payment kiosks can be built with 4-hopper card dispensers to allow users to purchase pre-printed tickets. These Transactional kiosks can be equipped with ID scanners to scan an eligible user’s ID to receive a discount ticket. Depending on the kiosk’s capabilities, tickets may be purchased using bills, coins or credit/debit (to include chip and pin and contactless pay) and change can be dispensed in bills and coins.

Rent and Utility Bill Payment Kiosk

Rent and utility bill payment kiosks simplify the payment process for tenants and landlords by providing 24/7 access to make payments. The self-pay solution allows simplification of rent and utility payment to allow partial payment throughout the month and direct integration with the property manager’s accounting software. On-demand reporting capabilities for both tenant and landlord reduces payment disputes and increases transparency. Property owners can also use the kiosks to showcase options for future tenants to research available apartments and view amenities at each property.

Order Entry Bill Payment Kiosk

Quick Service (QSR) and Fast Casual restaurants are increasingly enjoying the benefits of self-order kiosksBy leveraging self-order kiosks, restaurants enable their customers to chose when and how they want to order, pay for and receive their meal. This is especially true with the integration of applications that allow customers to order via their smartphone. Self-order kiosks can automate the ordering and payment process, creating a reliable experience for customers. Self-order kiosks can also automate the upselling process, capturing the highest percentage possible of upsell opportunities. The automated process encourages customers to explore the menu and creates better ROI for the restaurant.

Tuition Bill Payment Kiosk

Bill payment kiosks can simplify payment collection for university services. The kiosk software can integrate with university accounting and allows students to look up account balances and make cash and check payments on their tuition, meal plans and housing accounts.

Retail Bill Payment Kiosk

Retail kiosks change the way customers engage with brands. Store owners can showcase a targeted range of goods to each customer, feature loyalty promotions and provide an efficient checkout process with bill payment kiosks. Retail kiosks with bill payment capabilities provide customers with a fast and efficient shopping process. The self-service bill payment solution improves the retail experience by allowing users to skip the checkout line and frees up employees to assist customers in the sales process.

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