Improve the Patient Experience With Healthcare Kiosks

As another cold and flu season rolls around, patients of all ages are finding themselves spending time in the offices of their medical providers. 


Of course, the cold and flu season isn’t the only time patients are visiting their doctors. In fact, according to a report by Forbes, the average American visits the doctor four times every year—that’s a lot of trips to the reception desk, paperwork to fill out, and time spent in a waiting room. 


Regardless of whether they’re coming in to treat a nagging cold, the flu, or just for an annual wellness visit, one thing is for sure, patients, for the most part, want their experience in their healthcare provider’s office to be simple and straightforward. Designed to take on a variety of tasks—from patient check-in to digital signage charging and electronic medical record (EMR) management—self-service healthcare kiosks can be implemented to ensure that the experience of patients and those accompanying them is exactly that. 


Here’s how: 


Simplify Patient Check-In

For the most part, patients regard the healthcare check-in process with distaste—after all, for many, it’s a process often associated with long lines, stacks of paperwork, and drawn out processes. Designed to improve efficiency throughout the first step of the appointment, check-in kiosks can provide a secure platform on which patients can check in for their appointment, fill out medical forms, and alert the necessary parties—all on the same kiosk. Best of all, if an office chooses to deploy multiple kiosks, multiple patients can carry out the check-in process at the same time—no long lines or wait times required.  


Offer Digital Signage Charging Kiosks

While self-service patient check-in kiosks can be used to expedite the check-in and waiting process for patients and those accompanying them, most still spend some time in the waiting room before being seen. Designed to make the time spent waiting pass a little quicker, digital signage charging kiosks can incorporate a large format screen to share relevant information and resources with patients. They can also incorporate multiple different charging cables to enable patients and their family members to charge their phones, tablets, and other devices while in the waiting room or common areas. 


Streamline EMR Management

While patients only receive a limited amount of time with their healthcare provider, they often receive an abundance of information during their visit. Designed to enhance the time patients spend with their provider, EMR management kiosks can enable doctors and patients alike to securely update and share information in one easy-to-use and easy-to-reference place. As a result, EMR management kiosks also reduce the pressure for patients to remember everything their doctor says and instead enable them to actively engage in conversation during their appointment. 


From the moment a patient arrives and checks in to the moment they leave, and all the time they spend waiting in between, self-service healthcare kiosks of all kinds can be customized and implemented to improve the patient experience. To learn more about Meridian’s healthcare kiosk hardware solutions visit or give us a call at 866-454-6757.

January 8, 2020