Meridian Announces SOC 2 Compliance Certification

Aberdeen, NC – May 5, 2022 – Meridian Becomes Only Kiosk Manufacturer to be SOC2 Compliant.


Meridian is excited to announce the successful completion of all program requirements and being awarded SOC2 Compliance Certification. In an effort to meet the critical needs of our Partners and Customers, Meridian is officially SOC2 compliant which ensures the protection of software and client data. Originally developed by the American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA), the SOC2 certification is designed to ensure the strictest safeguards for software and hardware protection.   

As Self-service solutions expand into more areas of business and society it is critical that the Self-service industry needs to keep ahead of our partner and customer needs for compliance to support integration into their systems networks, along with protection of end user’s data.  

Meridian has the structure, tools, and policies needed to secure client’s data from outside and unauthorized access. Establishing safeguards that aide in the protection of software and business practices has been no small feat, but the dedicated and talented team at Meridian has achieved it with flying colors.   

To obtain SOC2 certification Meridian completed all the necessary requirements of SOC2’s 5 “trust service philosophies”: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of client information. Safeguarding security means that all of Meridian’s firewalls, authentication processes, and intrusion detection are always as safe as possible. Meridian’s success in the availability category means that the company has an expert response time for identifying and preventing security breaches. This was evaluated through Meridian’s process integrity and in the establishment of ridged security protocols identified in the third category. Additionally, Meridian met all the requirements for confidentiality, which is related to the strict protocols for protecting all client information and data. Finally, Meridian was able to meet all the requirements of the privacy philosophy meaning that the company’s software encryptions and protections met or exceeded the high standards set by the auditors.   

Meridian’s SOC 2 compliance status ensures that clients have protection due to Meridian’s software meeting the strict, 140 control point SOC 2 requirement as it relates to data protection and secure business processes.  Security is becoming an increasingly important aspect of daily life and Meridian is proud to provide this additional layer of security not only themselves, but for their clients as well. 


About Meridian Kiosks
A fully integrated manufacturer, Meridian designs, engineers, fabricates, assembles, deploys, and supports self-service solutions from their 13-acre headquarters in North Carolina. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

May 11, 2022