Meridian Dedicates In-House Efforts to Fast-Track Healthcare Solutions

Aberdeen, NC – March 27, 2020 – Meridian, an industry leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor kiosks, interactive digital signage, and self-service software recently announced plans to dedicate a team of their in-house designers and engineers to help fast-track the process for introducing newer, more sanitary healthcare-focused solutions into the market. 


The decision was made in response to elevating concerns on both a local and global level surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, but Meridian is no stranger to the healthcare industry. 


“With more than 20 years of experience in the self-service solutions industry, we have worked and continue to work with a number of clients in the healthcare space,” said Meridian’s CEO, Chris Gilder. 


From automated smart lockers, to patient check-in, and digital signage, Meridian is equipped with a wide range of self-service healthcare experience—and the internal resources to develop new innovative solutions as the landscape continues to evolve. 


“The Meridian team is here to help guide our customers through the process of bringing the self-service solutions that best meet their needs, and those of the current market, to life,” said Gilder. 


A fully integrated manufacturer, Meridian has the ability to integrate peripherals like germ-killing UVC devices, facial recognition hardware with temperature alerts, telemedicine, and vending solutions. Antimicrobial powder coat finishes, antimicrobial touch screen protectors, and enclosure add-ons like cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer dispensers can also be incorporated to ensure cleanliness. 


“We are ready to partner and serve as a trusted resource in any way we can during these challenging times,” Gilder said. 


Meridian designs, engineers, fabricates, assembles, deploys, and supports self-service solutions from their 13-acre headquarters in North Carolina. To learn more, visit or email

March 27, 2020