Meridian Launches InterAct Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Expo - InterAct Aberdeen, North Carolina – March 22, 2016 – Meridian, the Customer Experience Leader in self-service solutions, announced today the release of InterAct, a highly configurable and easy-to-use, interactive digital signage software application.

According to Meridian, InterAct is a standalone, off-the-shelf software solution built on the powerful Mzero self-service software platform. It offers a simple content management system that is highly flexible. Available as a software package for use on existing hardware, or bundled with ready-to-ship Meridian kiosks, InterAct “was designed with the end user in mind,” according to Meridian Director of Software Paul Burden.


Meridian showcased InterAct at this year’s Digital Signage Expo (DSE) March 16-17 in Las Vegas. “We are very pleased to release this next advancement in interactive digital signage software,” said Chris Gilder, CEO of Meridian. “The InterAct app is highly flexible, enhances and extends customer interaction with the kiosk, and provides businesses and organizations with incremental revenue opportunities.”


The InterAct application is built on Mzero Platform, Meridian’s industry-leading, securer self-service software, which provides system performance management, system security, and a wide range of component support. InterAct also adds extra value for businesses by enhancing the customer’s experience and providing a revenue-generating advertising platform that is highly flexible and easy to configure. The key benefits of the InterAct software solution include:

  • Easy-to-use content management tool
  • Secure browsing for cloud-based content
  • Portal for templates, tutorials, design ideas and examples
  • Looping attract screen player for images and videos
  • VoIP, SMS and TDD communications capabilities
  • Mobile app integration with SMS, Beacons, QR codes, geo-location and more
  • Survey tool to quickly create custom user surveys
  • Camera and touch analytics
  • Available multi-language support
  • Interactive map guidance
  • Remote monitoring with Mzero Manage
  • Support for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems
  • Ability to embed self-service applications such as bill payment and ticketing


InterAct’s highly engaging and intuitive interface quickly leads users directly to the information they are searching for. Businesses can easily organize the content as desired and the software’s flexibility allows for straight forward integration of videos, graphics, SMS, QR codes and interactive maps.


After deploying custom interactive digital signage solutions for customers, Meridian developed InterAct to answer the increasing demand from clients for an off-the-shelf, scalable digital signage solution in retail, tourism, and media/entertainment among others.


In January, Meridian partnered with Legends to deploy InterAct digital signage at Levi’s Stadium for Super Bowl 50. These kiosks allowed Super Bowl goers to browse exclusive merchandise that could be purchased at the NFL Shop retail stores located throughout the stadium. Meridian is currently working on numerous projects for the next deployments of the InterAct software application. “The great thing about InterAct is that it is modular and scalable,” said Gilder. “As we find that customers need particular features, we will continue to expand and grow the many capabilities of this product.”


Meridian will be adding a print-on-demand option to InterAct this spring. Learn more about InterAct by visiting

March 22, 2016