Meridian Introduces Print on Demand for InterAct

Aberdeen, NC – April 20, 2016Meridian, the Customer Experience Leader in self-service kiosk solutions, has announced the introduction of a print-on-demand enhancement to its InterAct Digital Signage Software.


The new feature for Meridian’s off-the-shelf digital signage solution allows businesses and organizations to display content digitally and give users the ability to compile and print the information they want directly from the kiosk.


Businesses and organizations have historically relied on brochures to communicate with their target audiences. “Print on Demand originally started when one of our clients called and asked us to help them replace their brochure rack with a more affordable and flexible option,” said Meridian CEO, Chris Gilder. “They were having trouble keeping brochures up-to-date and needed a solution that could make lead times for new listings available to print immediately.”


Meridian responded by creating Print on Demand, which uses thermal printing to keep costs and maintenance low. The flexibility is meant to lower the cost of seasonal printing for businesses and organizations and give them the ability to drive information directly to target audiences.


“Print on Demand really just offers an affordable solution that can be utilized across numerous industries and allows consumers to engage with content specific to their needs,” added Gilder.  Meridian has completed testing Print on Demand at its corporate headquarters in North Carolina. The new feature can now be purchased as an enhancement to the InterAct software application.


“InterAct is versatile and scalable,” said Meridian Director of Software, Paul Burden. “As we recognize demand for enhancements, we can incorporate them into the application swiftly, enhancing InterAct for current and future customers.”

April 20, 2016