Meridian launches redesigned site with a name change, new logo and new positioning

Aberdeen, NC – August 25, 2015 – Meridian, the Customer Experience Leader in self-service solutions, today announced the launch of a redesigned website that features a name change, new logo and new company positioning as it executes an aggressive strategic growth plan.


The founding vision of focusing on self-service innovation and building integrated solutions remains true today. As one of the largest end-to-end self-service kiosk providers in North America, Meridian continues to draw on over 25 years of experience of manufacturing, technology integration and innovation.


The changes to the site and fine-tuning of the name with a new logo align with both the founding vision of the company and the future, as the company expands from its kiosk roots by adding to its lineup of interactive digital signage and continuous development of the Mzero software suite.


The name and new logo








By shortening its name to Meridian, the company acknowledges both its founding as Meridian Kiosks and the broader positioning as a self-service solutions leader in kiosks, interactive digital signage and Mzero software to power its solutions. The new logo includes a subtle graphic nod to Meridian’s award-winning Classic model design in the “M” icon.


Together these elements combine as a visual expression of the company’s kiosk roots and integrated self-service kiosk solutions going forward.


The tagline and the Meridian Difference

Meridian kept Concept to Completion as the tagline because it reinforces the essence of the Meridian Difference. “We manage a fully integrated process in-house using our industry expertise from over 25 years in the self-service business, including the design, engineering, fabrication, painting, assembly, software development, integration of hardware and software, graphics, quality assurance, pack & ship and customer service. This fully integrated approach is different than many of our major competitors, allowing us to produce prototypes and production runs quicker in the U.S. with the highest quality due to our control of the total process,” said Chris Gilder, Meridian CEO and Founder.


The new positioning

The company’s new positioning statement – The Customer Experience Leader in Self-Service Solutions – ties directly to Meridian’s mission, which is to deliver great Customer experiences.We broadly define ‘Customer’ to include our business customers, reseller and technology partners and the end users who touch and engage the solutions we create. When we say ‘great customer experience’, we mean all customers in the value chain must be served at an exceptional level. Great customer experiences are the outcomes that drive us at Meridian,” Gilder emphasized.


The site continues to feature the company’s strategic partners. “Partnerships are key to our success. Meridian will continue to select and collaborate with leading channel and technology partners as we position Meridian to deliver great self-service customer experiences, new products and revenue to our partners,” said Buck Warren President of Meridian.

August 25, 2015