Meridian Launches New Interactive Directory Kiosk Product – the Compass

Aberdeen, NC – August 10, 2015 – Meridian, the Customer Experience Leader in self-service solutions, today announced the Compass, a new out of the box product offering that bundles the award-winning Classic kiosk with an interactive touch directory, remote management and content deployment tools in secure kiosk mode using Meridian’s Mzero Platform, Manage and Compass software components.


Quickly getting clear, useful directions in a building, multi-site complex or campus is important and stress-relieving for today’s on the go and time compressed consumers, workers and visitors.


The Compass product allows companies, organizations and agencies to provide a secure interactive directory and immediately engages with their customers and visitors to provide lists and clear directions to people, places and products at their locations.


The Compass is ideal for a variety of settings including High-Density Offices, Malls/Retail Outlets, Hospitals, Large Campuses and Condominium/Apartment Complexes.


Key features of the Compass interactive directory product include:

  • 22” Perceptive Capacitive Touch in portrait mode
  • All Steel, award-winning Classic model
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Security lock
  • Software: Mzero Platform for security, Mzero Manage for remote management and Mzero Compass for guidance
  • Options: Visitor check-in, printable maps, VoIP phone system, custom graphic branding, custom powder coat colors


“We built Meridian’s reputation as a premier, quality manufacturer of custom kiosks based on our concept to completion model capabilities of managing manufacturing, software development, integration and service process steps in-house to assure high quality and speed in prototyping and product deployment,” says Chris Gilder CEO of Meridian.


“This Compass directory product,” Gilder added, “builds on the launch of the Gateway and leverages Meridian’s concept to completion model as a product development springboard and growth platform to develop a lineup of ready to ship products to complement our ability to build custom kiosks in large quantities.”


The company will offer the Compass and future standardized products as a way to satisfy market demand in growth areas of self-service solutions through channel partners and its direct sales efforts.


“Partnerships are key to our success. Meridian will continue to select and collaborate with leading channel and technology partners as we market the Compass and future standardized products to deliver great self-service customer experiences and provide value and revenue to our partners,” says Buck Warren President of Meridian.


About Meridian: Meridian is the Customer Experience Leader in self-service solutions and a fully integrated manufacturer of kiosks and interactive digital signage and developer of the Mzero software suite. Leveraging over 25 years of industry experience, Meridian specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, integration, deployment and support of productized and custom solutions. Meridian delivers high quality self-service experiences at scale for industry-leading companies, partners and their customers. Find out more at

August 10, 2015