Meridian and NCDOT Deploy Custom Kiosks

Aberdeen, NC – April 11, 2017 – Meridian Kiosks, the leading pioneer in self-service solutions and custom kiosks, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation developed innovative mobile office units to serve more customers.


The mobile units were created as part of North Carolina’s Driving Change initiative to improve customer service and decrease wait times at North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles offices. “We’re happy to be part of a project that’s extending service to North Carolina residents,” said Chris Gilder, Meridian Founder and CEO.

Thecustom kiosks mobile units contain all necessary equipment for customers to apply for a driver license or identification card, including printer, camera, computer, vision and sign tester, touch-screen test for written exam, customer-facing monitor for verification, scanner for documents and credit/debit card machine. The units are mounted on a sliding base which fits into the back of a specially outfitted SUV.

The more compact, cost-efficient NCDMV mobile offices have replaced the NCDMV’s larger, RV-style mobile units. “This is essentially two entire DMV offices in the back of an SUV. It allows the NCDMV to deploy a DMV office when and where needed in a moment’s notice,” said Gilder. 

The mobile offices allow NCDMV employees to better reach rural areas and provide customer service in times of distress. Over twenty units have already been deployed throughout North Carolina, with plans to expand the initiative in the near future.

May 9, 2017