Hospital Corporation of America

Healthcare Kiosk


Founded in 1968, the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services, comprising 171 locally managed hospitals and 118 freestanding surgery centers in 20 states and the United Kingdom. In 2012, HCA wanted to better its patient service by implementing a more efficient check-in solution.


HCA worked with Meridian and HP to provide its hospital waiting rooms with self-service kiosks to expedite the check-in process. The fully interactive, ADA solution allows HCA patients to check-in via three simple steps. First, patients select their language, either English or Spanish. Next, patients check-in by swiping either a credit card or driver’s license. Patients can also opt to enter their personal information manually. Finally, patients enter their reason for visiting the healthcare facility.

Check-ins are kept in sequential order on an electronic log, ensuring that the arrival date and time are accurately reflected in the patient’s records. Patients are taken in order of their arrival unless their reason for visiting warrants accelerated processing.



With over 400 check-in kiosks installed throughout their hospital waiting rooms, HCA continues to improve their patient care and expand their self-service check-in solution.

February 20, 2019