MetLife Insurance Kiosks

MetLife partnered with Meridian to create an easy-to-use insurance kiosk solution. The self-service solution allows users to receive an insurance quote in three easy steps.
Insurance Kiosk


With more than 90 million customers in over 60 countries, MetLife is an innovator and leader in protection planning and retirement and saving solutions around the world. In 2014, MetLife furthered its cause for innovation by launching a self-service initiative. In doing so, MetLife partnered with Meridian to develop a custom kiosk solution to expand its brand reach and provide valuable information to customers.


Together, MetLife and Meridian created an easy-to-use solution that allows users to receive an insurance quote in three simple steps. To begin, users simply touch “click here to start” on the screen. Users then scan their driver’s license, which auto-populates the required information fields. As a final step, users are prompted to enter their preferred email address. Once the three steps are complete, an insurance quote is automatically emailed to the provided address.


Designed for a high degree of flexibility, MetLife’s custom software is compatible with an easy-to-carry, lightweight countertop solution for use at tradeshows and events, as well as a stand-alone unit for unattended service in corporate lobbies.

February 6, 2019