Tyler’s Ridge

A multiple family home complex consisting of apartments and condos in the state of North Carolina. Tyler’s Ridge would often deal with cluttered and overflowing offices when the packages ordered by residents were delivered.


The popular apartment complex was having an issue with so many packages being delivered for residents that the normal offices were being overrun and causing an unsightly cluster of boxes creating an eye sore in the front offices. Additionally, some residents even had to pick up their packages directly at the post office due to lack of space. Causing increased frustration and headaches for the community and residents.


Meridian developed the Smart Parcel Locker that allowed packages to be dropped off at the office but kept in a sleek and organized way. When a package is placed in the locker the resident is sent an automatic text notification with a personalized code increasing safety and security of their packages. Additionally, Meridian’s Parcel Lockers come with automatic reminders for packages not picked up with in a specific time frame as well as remote management that allows the office staff to see which packages may have been forgotten and when residents picked up their packages.


The complex was overjoyed to have a comprehensive and modern solution that not only organized the often-cluttered mail room, but also provided increase security for their deliveries and allowed them to pick up their packages in one location rather than having to go all the way to the post office for deliveries. Delivery drivers also enjoyed the convenience of having everything in one location rather than having to hunt down individual units or addresses.

January 12, 2024