Carter CAT Dealership

A Caterpillar equipment dealership wanted to improve their customer service, specifically those customers who would not be able to pick up parts during normal business hours.


The construction industry runs on one simple rule, to reduce down time as much as possible. When every second counts no one has time to wait around trying to get parts for machines. That is why CAT wanted to create a system to allow their customers to pick up the parts they need on their time rather than having to stick to the traditional 9-5 of most businesses. Tired of being at the mercy of shipping times and scheduling conflicts CAT


Tired of being at the mercy of shipping times and scheduling conflicts, CAT came to Meridian for a solution that would give control back to their customers. Something that could effectively store expensive equipment and notify customers when their orders are ready. That is why Meridian created  the 24-Hour Parts Pick-Up Lockers for CAT.


Now when a customer’s part is ready it is simply scanned into the locker which automatically sends them an email confirmation letting them know their part is ready for pick up. Then the customer picks up the part on their time, even if it is after hours or before dawn, the automated process means no more waiting for normal business hours. The customer simply scans their express card or some other form of ID into the system and the corresponding door in the Parts Locker opens easily allowing them to decrease down time waiting around for necessary parts to be delivered or for someone to let them into the building.

January 12, 2024