Wayfinding- City of West Bend

The City of West Bend in Wisconsin, worked with Meridian to develop an innovative way for visitors and locals to navigate the busy downtown area.


The city of West Bend, Wisconsin, has a downtown area that is thriving with a variety of activities and attractions from shopping, dining, and even recreation opportunities. Wanting to provide an engaging and fun resource for visitors, the city started looking into adding an interactive, digital, kiosk as part of their Downtown Main Street reconstruction project. West Bend reached out to Meridian to create a user-friendly solution that could withstand both the harsh Wisconsin winter, as well as the sunny summer months of the year.


Meridian created an outdoor Presenza for the City of West Bend to be implemented as part of the Downtown Main Street reconstruction project, completed in October of 2023. The kiosk provides information to visitors and West Bend residents, in a fun and interactive way. By showcasing all the town has to offer the kiosk encourages visitors to enhance their time in the downtown area by showing amazing restaurants for lunch or dinner, where to shop at specialty stores or boutiques, and even showcases the brand-new River walk to see all the city has to offer.


Meridian’s outdoor Presenza was already showing benefits to the City of West Bend, even after just a few short weeks, showcasing local gems and hot spots such as trendy restaurants, stylish boutiques, or fun events in the area. West Bend also utilized the kiosk for their Winter Warm-Up Event, which exhibits a variety of ice sculptures all around the city. Wanting a way to ensure visitors could admire every single one of the 65 intricate ice sculptures West Bend used an interactive map for visitors and locals alike. The inclusion of the interactive map made the event a great success and the City of West Bend will continue to utilize Meridian’s incredible outdoor Presenza for all future events moving forward.

February 6, 2024