Employee Lockers

A large manufacturer located in Texas needed an innovative way to store employee’s personal items during their shifts. Being known for being on the cutting edge of technology it was important that they found a solution provider who could meet their standards.


A large automotive manufacturer approached Meridian about upgrading their locker system for employees. Since this company is at the forefront of  technological innovation it made sense, they would want Meridian to create something so innovative for their employees working in the factory.


Meridian developed the “Employee Locker”, a smart locker that allows employees to scan an RFID or any other type of identification to allow access  to the locker. At the beginning of their shift employees scan into the system and an empty locker is automatically assigned to them for the day. At the end of their shift the employee just scans again, and the system automatically opens their locker increasing security and efficiency for all employees


This large electric vehicle manufacturer was so impressed with Meridian’s employee lockers that they have extended them to all their factories across the country. They call all smart lockers “Meridian Lockers” because this company, who is at the forefront of technological innovation, sees Meridian as the only company who can rise to the challenge and deliver such quality products

January 12, 2024