World’s Largest Retailer

The world's largest retailer partnered with Meridian to engineer 12 different kiosk designs for a variety of use cases across their stores.
Retail Kiosk


With more than 2.3 million associates, the largest retailer in the world serves more than 260 million customers every week, both in-store and online. The retailer approached Meridian in 2007 when beginning to expand their mission toward innovation and service, with the idea to implement employee and customer-facing self-service kiosks.


To meet their goal, the retailer needed a partner who could provide a cost effective solution and rapid prototyping with the ability to scale quickly. While the retailer was initially looking for solutions for hiring, site-to-store service, and gift registries, Meridian also provided kiosk solutions for the automotive service department, self-checkout, endless aisle end-caps, and membership program registration.


Meridian has engineered 12 kiosk designs for the retailer and installed more than 20,000 units to date. As an end-to-end provider with all manufacturing under one roof, Meridian has been able to meet all orders, including an order for 3,600 units in six weeks with zero out-of-box failures.

February 28, 2019