Fastest-Growing Employee-Owned Supermarket Chain

The fastest-growing employee-owned supermarket chain partnered with Meridian to create an employment application kiosk solution.
Application Kiosk


With more than 1,200 stores across the United States, what started as a single grocery store has transformed into the fastest-growing employee-owned supermarket chain. However, with rapid store growth, comes the need for rapid staff growth as well. When looking for a way to make their application and hiring process more efficient, the supermarket chain approached Meridian to develop a self-service solution.


Together, Meridian and the supermarket chain created a hiring application kiosk. Conveniently positioned at the front of the store, applicants can complete the entire job application and provide answers to additional questions, all directly from the kiosk.


Since implementation, nearly 100 kiosks have been deployed in various store locations—simplifying the job application process for both candidates and those in charge of hiring.

February 21, 2019