The Value & Benefits of Smart Parcel Lockers

Written by Kyle Conroy




Meridian’s solution at Tyler Ridge apartment complex, in North Carolina, demonstrates how Smart Parcel Lockers provide immediate benefits over any traditional delivery system.

A Mailroom in Chaos

One of the biggest challenges apartment complexes face is the management of parcel deliveries for residents.

Tyler Ridge Apartments was facing this very issue.  A cluttered mail room and an unsightly cluster of boxes loaded up the front office, from the overwhelming number of packages being delivered. The unsightly mess even caused some residents to have to pick up their packages directly at the post office due to a lack of space.

To solve the issue, the apartment complex turned to Meridian and our Smart Parcel Lockers. The lockers provide a modern and comprehensive solution that organizes the complex’s often-cluttered mail room, creating a sleek and organized system for mail and package retrieval for residents.

Automatic Notifications & Remote Management

Now, when a package is placed in the locker, it sends an automatic text notification with a personalized code directly to the resident for pick up. This code system increases the safety and security of their deliveries by helping to ensure only the resident can pick up their delivery.

Additionally, Meridian’s Parcel Lockers send automatic pick-up reminders to forgetful residents. Especially if they have not picked up their packages within a specific time frame. Another great benefit is the remote management feature that allows the office staff to see which locker compartments available and which ones are currently in use. This feature allows Administrators to see, on their screen, which packages may have been forgotten and when residents picked up their packages.

Tyler’s Ridge Smart Parcel Locker Results

The results are impressive. The Tyler’s Ridge, and others just like it, are overjoyed to have such a comprehensive and modern solution that organized their overrun mail rooms. Smart Parcel Lockers also provide increased security for all deliveries and allow residents to pick up their packages in one convenient location, rather than having to go all the way to the post office for deliveries. Packages are still dropped off at the office but are now kept securely and conveniently out of the way while still allowing residents to easily access their packages.

Delivery drivers also enjoyed the convenience of having everything in one location. Rather than having to hunt down individual units or addresses now all the deliveries can be made at one time in one location.

1 Small Example, 5 Big Benefits

The success story of Tyler Ridge Apartments, after implementing Meridian’s Smart Parcel Lockers, highlights the broad applications of this innovative solution across various businesses and industries.

The benefits experienced by Tyler Ridge Apartments can be translated and applied to other scenarios as follows:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Just like Tyler Ridge Apartments, businesses in different sectors can experience a significant boost in operational efficiency by implementing Smart Parcel Lockers. Whether it’s an office building, retail store, or university campus, the streamlined package delivery and collection process eliminates the need for manual handling. This reduces the time spent on package management and allows staff to focus on other essential tasks.


  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The convenience and reliability offered by Smart Parcel Lockers results in improved customer satisfaction. Similarly, hotels, resorts, and short-term rental properties can benefit from this technology by providing guests with a hassle-free and secure method of receiving their packages and enhancing their overall experience effortlessly.


  1. Space Optimization: Tyler Ridge Apartments overcame the challenge of limited space and eliminated the overwhelming clutter caused by packages in their front offices. Their solution can be replicated in corporate offices, co-working spaces, and shared facilities, enabling businesses to maximize their available space and maintain a tidy and organized environment without sacrificing efficiency or floor space.


  1. Delivery Driver Convenience: Delivery drivers are on a tight schedule and as such Meridian’s Smart Parcel Lockers allow them the advantages of having a centralized location for package drop-offs. This benefit extends to courier services, logistics companies, and any businesses that regularly receive or dispatch packages. By providing a dedicated area for deliveries, Smart Parcel Lockers simplify the process for drivers, optimize their routes, and ultimately improve their efficiency and delivery count.


  1. Security and Tracking: The personalized code system and remote management capabilities of Smart Parcel Lockers help ensure the security of packages. By offering this peace of mind to both recipients and senders, Meridian provides a total solution for the modern world. This level of security is valuable in industries that deal with sensitive or valuable items, such as healthcare facilities, research institutions, and manufacturing companies.


To explore the potential of Smart Parcel Lockers for your business, visit Meridian’s website at and discover how this technology can revolutionize your operations.



The Smart Parcel Lockers from Meridian’s evolving line of Smart Lockers offers convenience, increased security, and customization to meet the needs of each client.

The instance of the Tyler Ridge apartment complex demonstrates the benefits of implementing Smart Parcel Lockers, from reducing lost parcels and minimizing missed deliveries, to improving overall customer satisfaction.



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June 20, 2023